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Mx Bibliography

Our bibliography contains information on books specifically pertaining to Mx family history. Some of these books can be accessed online while others may require a library visit. But you can discover the content and availability of these resources right now in our bibliography.

Memoir of the Molineux Family

Author: Molineux, Gisborne

London : Printed by J.S. Virtue and Co., 1882

Available on the Internet from Google Books

The Mullinnix Family

Author: Mullinnix, Eldred and Sarah

The Mullinnix Family a Genealogical Record the Westward Migration

[Privately Printed] Rosanky, Texas 1996
Index by Sharon Bryant 2008

IMFA Member PDF Download:
The Mullinnix Family Westward Migration 1996 (PDF 55 Mb)

Delaware Mullinixes and their Descendants

Author: Blanck, Marilyn Mullinix

Delaware Mullinixes and their Descendants' Migrations 1698-1900: Corrections, revisions and extensive expansions on Mullinix Families from Delaware to Tennessee and Beyond

[Privately Printed] Alhambra, California, August 1983; updated 2008.

IMFA Member PDF Download:

(See also Marsha Engbretson's research based on this book)

Some Mullinax Roots
South Carolina to Texas

Author: Otto B. Mullinax, B.A., LL.B.

[Privately Printed] Texas, 1982
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 82-14445

IMFA Member PDF Download:
www.imfaonline.org/Docs/Some Mullinax Roots.pdf
(PDF 17.8 Mb)

The Mullinax Family

Author: Mullinax, Jack D.

The Mullinax Family of Northern South Carolina (York, Union and Cherokee counties) and Southern North Carolina (Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln counties)

Library: Chesnee, S.C. : Chesnee Hardware Co., c1983.

IMFA Member PDF Download:
The Mullinax Family of the Carolinas 1983 (PDF 20 Mb)

Mulanax-Bales and Ancestral Families

Author: Mulanax, Alvin E.

Mulanax-Bales and ancestral families: Renfro, Smith, Miller, Kirkman, Overly, Clark, Buzzard, Arbogast, Lowe.

Manhattan, Kan. : Mulanax, 1980.

IMFA Member PDF Download:
Mulanax-Bales 1980 (PDF 20 Mb)

Mulanax-Bales Supplement 1

Author: Mulanax, Katherine & Alvin
Mulanax-Bales supplement S-I / by Katherine and Alvin Mulanax.

Manhattan, Kan. : A.E. Mulanax, 1983.

IMFA Member PDF Download:
Mulanax-Bales Supplement S-1 1983 (PDF 7 Mb)
Mulanax Genealogy Chart (PDF)

Descendants of Michael Arbogast

Compiler: Eades, Charles Joseph

Descendants of Michael Arbogast (ca. 1734-1812). Some Allied Families: Bennett, Bland, Channell, Colow, Crissman, Davisson, Eades, Franklin, Gum, Hartman, Hull, Jones, Judy, Ketterman, Lambert, Mullenax, Nottingham, Osburn, Reedy, Simmons, Smith, Sponaugle, Tacy, Teter, Thompson, Walker, Warner, Waybright, Wimer, Yeager

Printed editions and CD’s available; view ordering information.

Engbretson Notebooks

Author: Engbretson, Marsha

Unpublished research on Mullinix families of Delaware, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia & Ohio.

> View details

History Genealogical and Biographical of the Molyneux Families

Author: Molyneux, Nellie Zada Rice.

N.Y. : C.W. Bardeen, 1904 (Syracuse, N.Y. : School Bulletin Press)

Available on the internet from Google Books

5 Generations of Branford Mxes
From Ipswich to Westchester

Author: Mollineaux, George A. & Straight, Wayne J.

New York : Private printing, 16 Jul 1913

IMFA Member PDF Download:

History of the Molineus Family

Author: Molineus, Max Albert

History of the Molineus Family 1884

[Privately translated & printed by IMFA / Wesley L. Mullenneix 1986-1987]

IMFA Member PDF Download:
History of the Molineus Family (PDF 10 Mb)

Our Maryland Heritage Book Seventeen: Mullinix/Mullineaux Families

Author: Hurley, William N. Jr.

Primarily of Montgomery, Frederick & Howard Counties Maryland, but including numerous references to the family found in other counties and states. The book begins with a look at the early history of the Maryland Colony and the formation of the counties, and discusses the earliest records of the Mullinix family found in Maryland. 176 pages.

Heritage Books, Inc. Bowie, MD 1999

Check availability through local libraries or inter-library loan via WorldCat. Available for purchase on amazon.com

(See also Marsha Engbretson's research based on this book)

My Virginia Kin

Author: Baldridge, Blanche Baldridge

My Virginia Kin, comprising the Hamlett, Witt, Giles, Wills, Eubank, Fortune, Mullenix, Lynchard, Talbot and Knight families; with a short treatise on the Loving family.

Strawberry Point, Iowa, Press-Journal Pub. Co. [1958]

Available online at ancestry.com (membership required).
Check availability through local libraries or inter-library loan via WorldCat

(See also Marsha Engbretson's research based on this book)

Genealogy of William Molyneux and Descendants

Author: Pardoe, George Molyneux, 1841-

Genealogy of William Molyneux and descendants down to A.D. 1890. William Molyneux (1761-1848) immigrated in the 1790s from England to Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Descendants lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, California and elsewhere. Also, an historical sketch of the Molyneux, Bird and Warren families, first settlers of what is now Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

McHenry Commercial Printers, Dushore, PA, October 1976

Available online at FamilySearch.org.
Check availability through local libraries or inter-library loan via WorldCat

Molyneux Genealogy

Compiler: Woodhead, Louise E. Molyneux

Molyneux Genealogy [continuation of Pardoe work - Privately Printed] 2002.

Plymouth Rock to the Pacific

Author: Mullenneix, Wesley Luther Jacob, 1919-

Yakima, Wash. : Lightning Press, c1983

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