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Mx Gazetteer

The most recetly contributed landmarks are shown below. Selecting a country from the list will display all landmarks for that country. Selecting the Landmark Name will display a full page of information including an interactive map and possibly additional information. If you find one we have missed (and there are many) drop an email to our webmaster with a picture and description.

Croxteth Hall

Croxteth Park, Liverpool, England
Contributed by: Shirley Grey   |   22 Aug 2017

Molyneux Rose LLP

143 New Bond Street, London, W1S 2TP
Contributed by:   |   21 Aug 2017

Molyneux Rose, established in 1974, is a firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in all aspects of commercial property. We provide a wealth of experience and have an impressive track record that sees all instructions dealt with at partner level. We pride ourselves in delivering an integrated service that deals with all our clients’ needs.

Mullinix Way

San Jose, California 95136
Contributed by: Wayne Straight US312   |   12 Aug 2017

City of Moline

Moline, Illinois
Contributed by: Wayne Straight US332   |   30 Apr 2017

City of Moline

I’d like to highlight one last Mx place name—Moline, Illinois—one for which we do know the provenance. Moline is a good-sized city (almost 400,000 souls) in N.W., IL, situated on the Mississippi, on the border with Iowa, not far from Davenport.

Established in 1848, it grew from a frontier mill established in 1837 by one David B. Sears and associates, and was named by Charles B. Atkinson, in reference to it’s mills. He called it Moline ("City of Mills”) from the French moulin, which of course is also the source of our various Mx surnames. Thus, though it’s not named for a person, it seems more than appropriate to include it in our Mx Gazetteer.

Mullinix Road

Greenwood, Indiana 46143
Contributed by: Wayne Straight US332   |   12 Jan 2017

According to Wikipedia: “The first inhabitants of the area currently known as Greenwood were the Delaware Indians (Lenape). In 1818, the Treaty of St. Mary's opened central Indiana to European American settlement, and by 1823 the first cabin in northern Johnson County was erected by settlers John B. and Isaac Smock on land currently occupied by Greenwood Park Mall. Greenwood was first known as "Smocktown" or "Smock's Settlement" in honor of the Smock brothers, and became "Greenfield" in 1825. Since this clashed with another Greenfield located in Hancock County, the name of the settlement was changed to Greenwood. Some claim the town's name was in honor of Samuel Greenwood, who platted the community in 1872.”

Molyneux Street

Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia
Contributed by: AU059 Greg Molyneux   |   08 Jul 2015

My grandfather William Molyneux owned the land at Mount Gravatt Queensland. William farmed the land from approximately 1925 until it was subdivided into a housing estate by my late father Ron Molyneux in 1964. We lived in Molyneux street for a number of years.

I have attached a photo of my children Elise and Shaun Molyneux under the Molyneux Street sign, which was taken on a visit back to the area about seven years ago.

Mullenix Road

Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington, USA
Contributed by: US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman   |   28 May 2015

I have now spent two delightful afternoons with Clarence Mullenix, a grandson of James and Margaret Ellen Mullenix. Clarence celebrated his 88th birthday on 28 September 2005 and he has answered all the questions I have had the mind to ask so far! I look forward to meeting his twin brother, Lawrence, who also still lives in Kitsap County. Clarence's grandparents did not homestead - they bought their land from an existing owner ofthe property. Mullenix Road was not named because his grandparents' land was there, nor his father Raymond's farm land, but was so named sometime in the 1960s because his Uncle Estel and Aunt Ethel's land was on this road. It is Estel and Ethel's photo on the cover of the August issue, and it was Estel who donated several items to the Kitsap County Historical Society in 1954, when their address was still Route 3, Box 373. —MxWorld, Vol. 20, No. 2, November 2005.

More about the Mullenix Family of Kitsap, County, WA can be found on the pages of MxWorld in our archives:
MxWorld, Vol. 20, No. 1, August 2005, pages 12-16
MxWorld, Vol. 20, No. 2, November 2005, pages 4-5
MxWorld, Vol. 23, No. 3, February 2009, page 4

Mullenix Ridge Elementary School

3900 SE Mullenix Rd, Port Orchard, Washington, USA
Contributed by: US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman   |   28 May 2015

Mullenix Ridge Elementary is committed to the education of all students in the skills needed to become responsible members of society and to instill in them the value of learning as a lifelong process. We promote a positive community learning environment which fosters family involvement, cooperation, responsible decision making, and respect for self and others. We are dedicated to working with families as we prepare our diverse population to meet the challenges of the future.

The Molyneux

119 Molyneux Road, Kensington, LIVERPOOL, L6 6AJ
Contributed by: Paul Molyneux   |   20 May 2015

Here's a pub with a rather special name. It's in Kensington in Liverpool and although it looks very welcoming, I've never been. Sorry if you're all aware of it already - I only came across it the other day. Just zoom in and look at the sign.

Molyneux Guest House

Waterloo Place, The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7PD, England
Contributed by: UK006 Clive Molyneux   |   20 May 2015

Welcome to The Molyneux Guest House Bed and Breakfast on Weymouth Seafront. Whether you’re planning a short break, overnight stay or a longer holiday you’ll find the Molyneux Guest House an ideal place to stay. Located on Weymouth Esplanade within easy reach of Weymouth’s attractions, harbourside and town centre we offer well furnished, comfortable rooms with en suite facilities in our friendly family run bed and breakfast establishment. Our website is here to help you plan your visit so please take a look around and feel free to contact us if there is anything else you need to know.

Weymouth is a perfect place for a short break or family holiday with plenty of events, attractions and beautiful scenery to enjoy.