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Volume 30, Number 4, May 2016

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 30, No 4, May 2016.
  • Cover: PHOTO: Julie, Richard and Arthur Nugent, March 2016. Julie is the daughter of UK015 David L. Molyneux.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message - Brian Seddon, Australia - 2
  • Welcome Message for New US Members by Wayne Straight: US459 Andre Molyneux; US460 Kenly Ray Mulenex; US461 William (Bill) Mullenix; US462 Noel Ekstrom; US463 Linda Larkin; US464 Mary Herzog; US465 Matthew G. Minix and US466 Joseph Mullenax. - 3-6
  • Ellis Island by US294 George Mollineaux - 7


  • FB Extracts by Wayne Straight - 8-14
  • Update on the family portrait of US457 David R. Mullinax’s family & photo. - 15
  • News from Australia – Margaret Molyneux Hemming. Enquiries re Dinas Bran in Llangollen, Wales; Spelling of Uncle Charles’ Molyneux name - 16-17
  • News from the UK – Wild Life in S. Africa IRE130 Tom Molyneux. - 18
  • Poignant Moments in the Military Records by Brian Seddon: 9284 Corporal Herbert Molyneux & 13881 Lance Corporal David Molyneux - 19-20
  • IRE130 Tom Molyneux – Col. William Henry A. Molyneux, Potchefstroom Military Cemetery; James Molyneux Chelsea Football Club Goalkeeper by Brian Seddon. - 21-22
  • The Hon. Rd. Frederick Molyneux (1873-1954) by UK042 Richard Molyneux. - 23
  • Was the name Molyneux Ever Connected with the Yorkshire Family of Darcy? By UK006 Clive Molyneux. - 24
  • Do You Know Anyone on my Family Tree? By UK137 Ron Molyneux - 25
  • Happy 80th Birthday, Gordon – Betty Mx Brown. - 26
  • Visit to USA by UK015 David Molyneux

Volume 30, Number 3, February 2016

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 30, No 3, Feb 2016.
  • Cover Photo: Grandparents of US412 Joseph Cancellieri – James B. Mollineaux and Kathryn Henrietta Rapp on their wedding day 25th April 1925.
  • Index, Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Brian Seddon, Australia. News from US Member US137 Charles Mulineaux - 2
  • Our Mollineaux Family, James & Ester by US412 Joseph (Joe) Cancellieri & US297 Christina Witcher - 3-5
  • Mollineaux Dirt by US294 George Mollineaux - 5
  • New US Member US459 Andre Molyneux. Obituary of Roy Paul Mullinax (1928-2016) father of US409 Julie Mullinax Crawford - 6
  • Extracts from Mx Facebook. Sent by US332 Wayne Straight.
    1) IMFA’S Mystery Address Contest is still on: Molyneaux Street, Belfast
    2) More discussion on US457 David R. Mullinax’s family photograph
    3) Burke’s Family Records re Rev. William Hockenhull Molyneux by UK006 Clive Molyneux
    4) Hawkley Hall posted by UK006 Clive Molyneux - 7-14


  • News from Australia by Margaret Molyneux Hemming: AU009 Cyril Molyneux The Luddite Triangle by Margaret Mx Hemming involving two Molyneux sisters Lydia and Mary. Map of the triangle and various photos - 15-18
  • AU049 Luke Molyneux seeking information about his Irish Ancestors. News about AU037 Philip Molyneux. Obituary of AU041 Kenneth Alan Griffin (1926-2015) husband of June Griffin. - 19
  • Useful Indexes sent by AU028 Alwyne Merritt. Enquiry from Oz re a Molineux Family from Brighton in Sussex. - 20
  • News from the UK: New Member UK209 Eliot Molyneux-Wright Siege of Lady Smith query sent via IRE130 Tom Molyneux, S. Ireland. - 21
  • Follow up on Richard Mx (1858-1906) Everton Manager based on information By UK024 John Cullwick and UK200 Ann Copeland. - 22-23
  • Molyneux Wills 1906 - 24
  • Johnny Molyneux of Liverpool F.C. by Brian Seddon. Comments on the List of Military Personnel by UK176 Danny Molyneux and UK024 John Cullwick. - 25-26
  • Croxteth Hall Country Park & Local Liverpool Nature - 27
  • Merchant Seamen, Swansea, Wales, UK, by US101 Marie Mx Spearman. - 28

Volume 30, Number 2, November 2015

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 30, No 2, Nov 2015.
  • This Quarter we honour our member AU009 Cyril Anthony Molyneux of Australia, b. 1918 who is still around to tell us about his military service during WW2. Cyril’s record of service can be seen in ‘Military Personnel’ Extracts on Page 12.
  • Index – Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Brian Seddon, Australia. Obituary US146 Madeline Marie Molyneux Carome 1931-2015 - 2-3
  • New US Members by US332 Wayne J. Straight: US455 Kimberley A. Mulneix, US456 Linda Welsh, US457 David Ray Mullinax & US458 Michael B. Mullennix Details of New Member US457 David Ray Mullinax’s family - 4
  • Details of New Member US458 Michael B. Mullennix’s family - 5
  • Family Portait of US457 David R. Mullinax’s family - 6
  • Latest Mystery Address & Photo.: Molyneux-Seel Family of Huyton, Lancs., UK Poem “Poppies” sent by UK137 Ron Molyneux - 7-9


  • Molyneux Military Personnel from the Website – sent by President Brian Seddon - 10-14
  • News from Australia, by Margaret Mx Hemming: Con Molyneux (1905-1994); Molyneux Wills 1860 - 15-18
  • News From the UK; New Members UK207 Mrs Janet MolyneuxWood: UK208 Mrs Vivian Sharples: Welcome Back UK158 Megan Molyneux. UK207 Mrs Janet Molyneux-Wood’s family details. UK158 Megan Molyneux’s article on her father Edgar Molyneux 1908-1976 - 19-22
  • ‘Earl Who Left His Mark on our City of Liverpool’ (7th Earl of Sefton) 1972 - 23
  • Follow Up on the Very Rare Football Match Ticket 1890 for Everton by UK176 Danny Molyneux. - 24-25
  • Further extracts from “Memoir of the Molyneux Family of Newsham House, Liverpool” by UK10 Russell Arthur Molyneux Johnson. - 26-27
  • Christmas Card Greetings from South Africa from SA002 Terry & Bev Molyneux. Christmas Poem “Footsteps in the Snow” sent to Editor many years ago by departed members US150 Nancy & Captain Carl Quanstrom - 28

Volume 30, Number 1, August 2015

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 30, No 1, Aug 2015.
  • Cover: Photo: To celebrate the beginning of volume XXX we acknowledge our founder Wesley L. Mullenneix (1919-1995) & Claire Lucinda Mackarness Mx (1925-2014). This is a photo of them at the time of the founding of IMFA in 1986. Wesley’s avid researches and Claire’s time in typing up all the findings launched the MxWorld we have today.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, by Brian Seddon of Australia - 2
  • New US Member US454 Jonathan Mullinix; Memorial Services for Claire L. Mullenneix and John G. Mullenneix by Marie Mx Spearman - 3
  • Colonel The Hon. Caryl Craven Mx, Rawal Pindi, 1 Oct.1908 from non-member Richard Pillinger - 4-5
  • Mystery Addresses: Mulliner Street, Bolton, Lancashire England - 6
  • Mulliners Close, Chelsmsley Wood, Birmingham, England & Mulliner Motor Companies; News from South Africa SA003 - 7-9


  • News from Australia, Margaret Mx Hemming: Harry Molyneux 1857-1938 by Margaret Mx Hemming; Mullineaux Family of Baschurch, Shropshire, England by AU041 Ken & June Griffin; Lever Brothers, Port Sunlight & Warrington, England by AU041 June Griffin - 10-13
  • News from the UK. New UK Members: UK206 Stephen R. & Jason K. Molyneux Molyneux Brow Railway Station by Betty Mx Brown - 14-16
  • Injured Through the Fall of a Wall; Can Anyone Identify with Norman Mx, a Soldier in India in 1921? By UK196 Elizabeth Molyneux-Dickinson - 17-19
  • Pretoria Pit Disaster, Westhoughton, Lancashire, England 21 December 1910; Continuing the Mx Family of Newsham House, Liverpool, extracts from “A Memoir of the Molyneux Family of Newsham House, Liverpool”, by UK10 Russell A. Molyneux Johnson; Corrections to his book extractions as featured on p.24-28 May 2015 MxWorld - 20-22
  • A Very Rare Football Match Ticket 1890, as sent by UK137 Ron Molyneux - 23
  • William Molyneux of Knowsley/Stratford, England 1882-1952 from FB query - 24
  • Isle of Man TT Races 2015, featuring Dave Molyneux, sent by UK089 Paddy Mx IOM Extracts from MX Gazetteer - 25-26
  • Some extracts from England & Wales Non-Conformist Registers - 27
  • Names to be Remembered since our Founding in 1986. - 28