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Our DNA Surname project has identified two major groups of Mx ancestors. You, and your direct ancestors, probably belong to one of these two groups. By testing representatives from various Mx Lines we have associated the lines with one of these two major DNA groups. If you descend from the Delaware or Donnally MX Lines then your Y-DNA is probably I2b or one of it's sub-clades. Similarly, if you descend from the Branford, Elkridge or Garston Mx Lines then your Y-DNA is probably R1b. For more information about the DNA of Mx Lines see the Lines section of this website. To learn more about DNA visit our DNA project.

I2b DNA Alliance

Delaware Mx's
By US033 Marilyn Blanck

Delaware Mxes: Thanks to US033, this Line is probably the best documented of all U.S. Mx families & may be the precursor to many of the US Lines in the I2 alliance—this alliance includes the Cheshire, Founder, Donnally, Pendleton & Spartanburg Lines, & may include the Thornton & Wolverhampton Lines as well. The Delaware Line boasts at least 38 known members, 29 are current & 9 are Mx males. Its 6 Y-DNA test results all fall into Hg I2b1, & have a tremendous number of matches w/ other members of rhe I21b alliance, w/ GD results as follows: Spartanburg 0 (“Very Tightly Related”), Donnally, Founder & Pendleton, 1 (“Tightly Related”); Founder, 2 (“Related”); & Cheshire, 3 (“Related”). > View Story

Donnally Mx's
By US312 Steve Mullinax

Donnally Mxes are part of the I2 alliance. Of 15 known members, 7 are current & 3 are Mx males (US039a, US340 & US354), 2 other possible Donnally Mxes & Mx males are US291 & US303. Furthermore, US039a is one of 3 who have tested, in his case to Hg I (Kit #182940), & 2 others to Hg I2b1 (Kit #s 74452 & 124517—unfortunately, only a 12 marker test). The closest matches we've found are: a GD of 0 (“Very Tightly Related”) w/ the modal type and w/ both Pendleton & Spartanburg, a GD of 1 (“Tightly Related”) w/ Delaware & Founder, , a GD of 3 (“Related”) w/ Cheshire, a GD of 4 (“Probably Related”) w/ Thornton, & a GD of 5 (“Possibly Related”) w/ Wolverhampton. > View Story

Susquehanna Settlement of 1794
By Wes Cross

The William Molyneux, Powell Bird, the Warren, and Huckell families. The material for this article was obtained from a variety of sources including Streby’s history of Sullivan County, records for Northumberland and Lycoming counties, the writings of Joseph Priestly, Sr. and the files held by the Priestley House in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. > View Story

R1b DNA Alliance

Branford Mx's
By US332 Wayne Straight

Joseph Mx, Two Famous Duelists, 1776 and Da Bronx. What could these four subjects possibly have in common? Mx family genealogy, that’s what! At one time or another, each of us has undoubtedly met someone who thinks genealogy is simply a dull recitation of facts and figures about dead relatives. But any genealogist worth his or her salt knows that it is an art inextricably linked with history, in all its many aspects (to include things geographical, climatic, societal, cultural, military and archaeological). > View Story

Elkridge Mxes
By US332 Wayne Straight & US236 Don Mulinix

Elkridge Mxes are part of the R1 alliance. This is a huge U.S. family descended from one English immigrant who landed in Elkridge Landing, Maryland in 1726. > View Story

Garston Mxes
By UK101 Mike Deeks

Harking back to at least the mid-to late 18th century, this Line is strongly centered on the Garston area of Liverpool, thus probably linking it to the one or more of the many Lancs-based Lines, including the Sefton Mxes. > View Story

A Reconsideration of the Mulliner Book
Music Education in Sixteenth-Century England By Jane Flynn

British Library Add. MS 30513, commonly known as the Mulliner Book, has been examined hitherto purely for its music, and the music written in keyboard score has been discussed separately from that of the cittern and gittern music written in tablature. > View Story

This PDF download is about 50 Mb. Distributed with permission of the author under the conditions of the Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International) (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This allows free distribution for non-commercial purposes, but does not allow the re-use of the material except in attributed quotation. For details see: creativecommons.org

Horsman Mx and Jack the Slave
By US294 George Mollineaux

Click for larger image In the May 2009 issue of MxWorld (Volume XXII, No. 4) two stories appeared about members of the Mx family and their position on slavery Discover what else is in this issue. We have found additional information about how they dealt with one slave that they owned and the legal path they took to free him.

With the help of the Westchester County Archives in Elmsford, New York we were able to find copies of two documents that freed “Jack the Slave” in 1701, 126 years before abolition in the State of New York and 164 years before the 13th amendment to the U. S. Constitution. > View Story

In Search of Great Uncle William
By UK118 Jim Molyneux and cousin Alan Molyneux

When UK118 Jim Molyneux was researching his Molyneux family and looking through family documents and photographs in what had been his grandmother's collection, he was puzzled as to who the person might be dressed in naval uniform in 2 of the 3 photos he found of the same person. Why had grandmother Ann (Foster) Molyneux kept them with other family photographs if he had not been a member of the family or another relative? > View Story

Robert Molineux of Hale, Lancashire
Master of Her Majesty’s Bark Endeavour
By Dr. Mike Inskip

Molineux’s name lives on in the southern New Zealand province of Otago in the former name of the country’s mightiest river. Here’s the story. > View Story

Other (DNA group not yet identified)

Joe Mulliner: Man, Loyalist, Rake, Bandit, Folk Hero & Ghost
written by US332 Wayne Straight, edited by US312 Steve Mullinax & US339 Wendy Arnim

(First appeared in MxWorld, Volume 26, Number 3, pages 5-9, February 2012)

While trying to verify or refute a Branford Mx genesis for several Mx lineages in New York state and beyond, I ran across the following Find-a-Grave entry for one Joe Mulliner, a bigger-than-life character who ran a band of brigands called The Refugees out of a stronghold in the New Jersey (NJ) Pine Barrens(1). I already knew that Thomas Mx3, a grandson of Thomas Mx of Branford had migrated to NJ ca 1683, so I was on the lookout for any of his descendants. The fact that Joe spelled his name the same way as Thomas had sparked my interest and I’d promised myself to eventually investigate him for any connection to Thomas Mx3. > View Story



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