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Volume 25, Number 4, May 2011

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 25, No 4, May 2011.
  • Cover: 1930’s Grandparents of UK188 Antony Michael Molyneux Steele – Arthur Molyneux (1912-1984) and Lillian Mary Benstead Molyneux (1914-2001), married in 1936. Arthur was the son of George Thomas Molyneux and Sarah Jane Davidson Molyneux of Runcorn, Cheshire, England.
  • Index, Copyright and Representatives’ addresses. Front Cover Description - 1
  • President’s Message – Marie Mx Spearman - 2
  • Family photographs from US384 Maureen More with captions - 3-4
  • New Members from the US and Canada: US388 June Cabourne, US389 Katherine Butler, US390 David Mullinax, US391 Charlotte Hamilton, US392 Gloria J. McMillin, US393 Susan J. Rabick, CA394 Hugh Molyneux, US395 Charles Eades; US396 Marilyn Prault; US397 Leanna M. Morgan, US398 James & Bridget Horgan - 5-6
  • Do You Have Answers That Need Questions? By US339 Wendy Mullinax Arnim - 7


  • 150th Anniversary of the Start of the U.S. Civil War by US101 Marie Mx Spearman, ‘Decoration Day’ by Keith Manies “Martin Levi Mullinax (1832-1884)” - 8-9
  • Making Good On Some Old Promises, Part 3, by US332 Wayne J. Straight - 10
  • Mx Family Reunions in South Caroline, June 2011; Obit. Ernest Philip Mullinax father of US229 Mark Mullinax - 11
  • News from Australia: by Margaret Mx Hemming: AU088 Kathy Dodd, AU085 Llyn Peterson; Obituary AU037 Philip Gregory Molyneux; Genealogy article from “The Age” newspaper in Melbourne “Sudden Spike in Climbing the Family Tree” 12-14
  • UK Editorial: Estate of Edmund Mx the Consul’s Will- UK010 Russell Mx-Johnson 75th Birthday Wishes to IRE130 Tom Molyneux, S. Ireland, and Editor’s husband Gordon Brown. Future Birthday Wishes to SA002 Bev Molyneux of South Africa. Death of Lt.Commander Ian Molyneux of Wigan. - 15
  • Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey, and the Abbey’s Historical origins. - 16
  • The Molyneux Family of UK188 Antony Michael Molyneux Steele - 17-19
  • The Molyneux Family of Windle, St. Helens, Lancashire UK191, Marie Porter - 20-21
  • Ann Molyneux Charities – Gifts Bequeathed by Mrs Ann Molyneux of Liverpool - 22-23
  • Visitors from Australia AU039 Douglas and April Browning - 24
  • Ernest’s Motor Cycle, father of IRE130 Thomas G. Molyneux - 25
  • St. Catherine House Index 1859 - 26-28

Volume 25, Number 3, February 2011

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 25, No 3, Feb 2011.
  • Cover: Theresa Molyneux (Tessie) 1875-1956 married Thomas Edmund Greaves in 1908. Tessie is the great aunt of UK101 Mike J. Molyneux-Deeks. Her parents were Thomas Molyneux (1837-1885) and Theresa Mary Moss b.1837 who were flour dealers in Liverpool.
  • Index, Copyright and Representatives’ addresses. Front Cover Description - 1
  • President’s Message – Marie Mx Spearman - 2
  • IMFA’s DNA Project, ‘Special Congratulations to Simone’ - 3
  • Welcome to new members from U.S. US374 David Mulnix, US375 Lisa Mullenneaux, US376 Roger King Tomkins, US377 Bonnie Vance Miller, US378 Jan Bloom, US379 Dorothy Mullinnix, US380 Barb Mulanax Mamore, US381 Gayle Heredia US382 Brenda Smith, US383 Greg Mullanax, US384 Maureen Moore, US385 Joyce Mishler, US386 Rebecca Mullinix Jennings, US387 Thomas Mullenneix - 4-6


  • ‘English Customs, 1900 New York’ by Alicetine Gertrude Smith - 7-8
  • Making Good on Some Old Promises part 2 by US332 Wayne J. Straight - 9-12
  • Still Searching for Gt. Gt. Grandfather James Molyneux US146 Madeline Molynex Carome - 13
  • ‘Horsman Mx and Jack the Slave’ by US294 George Mollineaux - 14-15
  • News from Australia: Margaret Molyneux Hemming; New member AU088 Kathy Dodd ‘Can Artistic Talent be Passed Down Through Generations of a Family?’ By Margaret Mx Hemming – Judith Molyneux, Interior Designer; Juan Pablo Molyneux Architect and Interior Designer: ‘Try an Art Course in France’: UK020 Lt. Col. John Mx Child - 16-19
  • UK Edidtorial, Betty Molyneux Brown. New Member UK190 – Kat. ‘Margaret Mx b.1791 of Kirkby, Lancashire’ - 20-21
  • The Establishment of a General Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Information from Non-member Cal Giles. - 22
  • Index of Wills and Administrations 1861-1877 from UK148 Chris Hughes - 23-26
  • More UK Free Trial Memberships: UK191 Marie Porter; UK192 David Jaunerell – his Molyneux connection through Mary Molyneux (1765-1829) Query from US; Wayne J. Straight re Mx of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire - 27-28

Volume 25, Number 2, November 2010

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 25, No 2, Nov 2010.
  • Cover: Henry Molyneux b.1828 Nuneham Park, Oxfordshire, England, son of William Molyneux and Elizabeth Tennant. He emigrated to Australia in 1849 and married Marion Collins. Marion died in 1891 and Henry died in 1911. Henry is the gt. grandfather of Margaret Mx Hemming of Australia. Photo taken about 1859 when Henry was a Railway Guard on the Geelong – Ballarat line.
  • Index, Copyright and Representatives’ addresses. Front Cover Description – 1
  • President’s Message - 2
  • IMFA’s DNA Project; Sources & Citations – 2
  • New Members from US and Canada. US368 Debra Elam; US369 Wendy Gunderson; US370 Dorothy May (nee Straight) Olson; US371 Mary S. Hunt; US372 Christoper Molineaux; US373 Rhett Mullinax – 3-4
  • Thomas Mulliner, Furniture Maker by US294 Geo. Mullineaux/US332 Wayne J.Straight – 5-8


  • Genealogy Reunion for Mx’s by US339 Wendy Mullinax Arnim – 9
  • Making Good on Some Old Promises by US332 Wayne J. Straight – 10-11
  • ‘A Horrible Night’ (Saving Lt.Graves in the Civil War) by US083 Carol Bird Tomkins – 12
  • Query: Rebecca Bird Molyneux 1797-1882 – 13
  • Genetic Distance Matrix Update by Steve Mullinax US312 – 14
  • Genetic Distance Matrix: Haplogroups E and I – 15
  • Genetic Distance Matric: Haplogroup R – 16
  • News from Australia – Margaret Mx Hemming: Henry Molyneux 1828-1911 - 17-18
  • A Visit to Victoria & Albert Museum – Molyneux wedding dresses: ‘Mrs Molyneux Parkes’ – 19
  • sent by AU068 Grant Molyneux: UK Editorial with greetings from SA002 Bev & Terry Mx. - 20
  • The Molyneux Family from Wirral, Cheshire, family of SA003 Chris Mx & Carolyn Giles – 21-26
  • Life Upstairs and Downstairs: Highclere Castle, Berkshire & Croxteth Hall, Nr.Liverpool – 27
  • Some Interesting Books by UK021 Jannette Mullineaux – 28

Volume 25, Number 1, August 2010

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 25, No 1, Aug 2010.
  • Cover: The Molyneux family of NZ087 Nikki Harris. Back left: Grandmother Ethel Jane Mx Beauchamp 1896-1984, right: (Ethel’s mother) gt.grandmother Rebecca Hannah Morrison Mx wife of Seymour Alfred Mx.1864-1930. Front left: Ethel’s sister Florence Mx Marshall, right: their brother Floyd Seymour Mx’s mother in law Mrs Gratton (dau. Vera Gratton Mx). The group of ladies appear to be dressed up in costumes for a local pageant which was a very popular occurrence during the first part of the 20th century in England. Photo probably about 1930’s.
  • Index, Copyright and Representatives’ addresses. Front Cover Description – 1
  • President’s Message - 2
  • IMFA Launches New Website by US325 Jim Molineux, Webmaster – 2-3
  • New US and Canada Members – 3-4
  • Six New Participants Join IMFA’s DNA Project by MxDNA Team – 5
  • Discussion of Newly-Created Matrix of Genetic Distance by US312 Steve Mullinax – 6-8
  • ‘An Mx Whodunit’ by US332 Wayne Straight & US033 Marilyn Mullinix Blanck – 9-13


  • DNA: A Compass to Point the Way by US339 Wendy Mullinax Arnim – 14-15
  • St. Helen’s Church, Sefton, Stonework Appeal – 15
  • News from Australia from Oz Rep Margaret Hemming: New Australian Member: AU086 Judy Kich – 16
  • ‘My Molyneux Family’ by AU085, Llyn Petersen – 16-17
  • Members letters from Australia – 17-18
  • New Member from New Zealand: NZ087 Ms Nikki Harris - 18
  • ‘The Family of George Mx of Browsholme, Lancashire, England’, by NZ087 Ms Nikki Harris – 19-20
  • Greetings from S. Africa from SA02 Terry and Beverley Molyneux; UK Editorial; New UK Member: UK189 John Smith - 21
  • ‘The Search for George Molyneux (1885-1967) by UK176 Daniel George Molyneux – 21-23
  • ‘An Angel at the Table’ from UK096 Joan Evans. – 23
  • Thomas Molineux 1831-1910 from UK024 John Cullwick; Book for Sale: “A Compleat History of the Holy Bible” by Laurence Clarke 1737 listing Members of a Molyneux family of Wolverhampton, Staffs, England. – 24
  • Golden Wedding Celebration for UK161 John & Edna Molyneux with photos – 25
  • Molyneux’s of Dorking from UK161 John Molyneux; Obituary: Mrs Frankla Corris MBE, Croxteth Hall Guide – 26
  • ‘A Tour on IMFA Wiki’ – Family of UK101 Mike John Molyneux-Deeks – 27-28