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Origin and Meaning of Our Surname

Let us begin with our name, of which there are over fifty spellings but the earliest seems to be de Moulin or de Molins. The Earls of Sefton used Mulins, Mulinus, Molinex, Molino, Molyneux, Molineux and Molyneaux.--. From Patronymica Britannica, a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom endevoured by Mark Antony Lower, M.A.F.S.A., London, John Russell Smith, 36 Soho Square, Lews: G. P. Bacon MD CCC LX October 6, 1860. Molines: The Baronial family of De Molinex who became eminent under Edward III are slated in the Baronages to have derived their surname from the town so called in the Bourbonnois, but there may have been an earlier settlement from one of the numerous places in Normandy called Moulinex or Moulins from the molendina or watermills there existing.

Molineux; Molyneux; this family came from Molineux - sur-Seine, not far from Rouen celebrated for the ruins of an ancient fortress popularly called the Castle of Robert le Diable, which was destroyed by John Sans-Terre, but rebuilt in 1378 by descent from William de Molineux, Lord of Sefton, County Lancashire, one of the followers of William the Conqueror.-- Courhopis Debrett..... IMFA 1.1.1 August 1986 ; Wesley L Mullenneix Editor

Surname Variation Origins

Mulno used after 1848 by Robert and Louise (LaPIERRE) Molyneux and descendants. Submitted by Glenn Mulno

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Variations of Our Surname

Malaneux, Malineaux, Malineux, Malleneaux, Malleneax, Mallinas, Mallinaux, Mallineau, Mallineaux, Mallinex, Mallinuex, Mallynax, Mallyneux, Malyneux, Maulenenx, Maulineaux, Melleneux, Mileneux, Mellineux, Milineux, Milinex, Milleneu, Millinaxe,Millinex, Millinex, Millineaux, Millineux, Millinox, Millinu, Millyenux, Milonuex, Molaneux, Molanex, Molanus, Molenaux, Molenax, Molenaye, Moleneaux, Moleneux, Molenex, Molenexe, Molenext, Moleniux, Moleniex, Molenix, Molenneux, Molenux, Molernoux, Moleynes, Moleyneux, Moleyneuy, Moleynex, Molineaux, Molieneux, Molienew, Molienux, Molinau, Molinauks, Molinaux, Molinax, Molinaxe, Molineack, Molinease, Molineau, Molineaud, Molineaus, Molineax, Molineause, Molineaux, Molineiux, Molineoux, Molineue, Molineux, Molineuex, Molineuse, Molineux, Molineuxe, Molinex, Molinexe, Molingeux, Molingex, Moliniex, Molininx, Molinix, Molinneaux, Molinoux, Molinox, Molinoxe, Molinucks, Molineux, Molinux, Molinx, Molinxe, Mollaneux, Mollanex, Mollanux,Mollenauxe, Mollenax, Mollenaxe, Molleneau, Mollenaux, Mollenox, Mollenex, Moleneax, Molleneus, Molleneux, Molleneuxe, Mollenix, Mollenineaux, Mollenux, Mollieneux, Mollinaux, Mollinax, Mollineu, Mollineau, Mollineaux, Mollineax, Mollineiux, Mollineuse, Mollineu, Mollineux, Mollineuxe, Mollineuy, Mollineuz, Mollinewe, Mollinex, Mollinexe, Mollinext, Mollingeux, Mollinieux, Molliniex, Mollinix, Molliniux, Mollinnex, Mollinoux, Mollinow, Mollinox, Mollinux, Mollinuex, Mollinuox, Mollinneax, Mollneux, Mollonex, Mollynax, Mollyenex, Mollynax, Mollyneau, Molyneux, Mollyneaw, Mollynex, Mollyneax, Mollyneus, Mollynieux, Mollynix, Mollynoxe, Mollynox, Mollynuax, Mollynuex, Mollynnus, Mollynux, Mollynx, Molneux, Molynex, Molynexe, Molnex, Molnexe, Molnieux, Molonex, Moloneux, Molonox, Moloyneux, Moluneaux, Moluneux, Molunex, Molyneaux, Molynenex, Molyenux, Molyeux, Molynax, Molyneu, Molyineux, Molynaux, Molynaxe, Molyneau, Molyneaus, Molynew, Molynix, Molynneusc, Molyneuse, Molyneuxe, Molynex, Molynexe, Molynix, Molyneyx, Molynezux, Molyniux, Molynnex, Molynoux, Molynus, Molynuax, Molynuex, Moolyinex, Mouleneux, Moulineux, Moulnex, Moulineux, Moulinex, Moullinex, Moylneux, Mulanex, Muleanux, Muleneux, Mulenex, Mulenexs, Muleiux, Mulenux, Mulenexs, Muleniux, Mulenixe, Mulennix, Mulienoux, Mulenux, Mulienoux, Mulinakes, Mulinaux, Mulinax, Mulineaux, Mulynux, Mvlnux, Mvlenexs, Mvllinax, Mvllinex, Mvlliuex, Mylnex, Myllenax, Mylneaux, Mylyneux, Molyneuxe, Molynew, Molynex, Molynexe, Molyneyx, Molynezux, Molyniux, Molynnex, Molynix, Molynoux, Molynuax, Molynuex, Molynus, Molineux, Molyneux, Mollyneaux, Mollyneux, Mollineaux, Mulanax, Mulanix, Mulenix, Mulinix, Molleneaux, Mullineaux, Molleneaux, Mullinnix, Mullennix, Mullenneix, Mullenniex, Mullinnex, Mullenix, Mullinix, Mullenax, Mullinax, Mullinicks, Mullinick, Mullineaux, Mulnix.

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