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Mx Lines I2-Alliance Relationship Diagram

This diagram helps visualize the relationships, based on a combination of DNA and traditional genealogical research methods, between the various Mx lines we have currently identified as part of the I2-Alliance.

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It’s become obvious that a number of people are using our graphics to better understand the possibilities for their Mx connections. In order to make this a bit easier. we decided to expand on the legends to some of these graphics.

In our Bubble Charts, the following rules apply:

  • A Red Line = A connection based on genealogical or historical data.
  • A Blue Line = A connection based on Y-DNA testing
  • A Green Line = A connection based on some other type of information, i.e., folklore, word of mouth, gut feeling based on a number of contributing factors but not not based on solid data.
  • A Solid Line = A high degree of probability.
  • A Broken Line = A moderate degree of probability.
  • A Dotted Line = A low degree of probability, or to phrase it another way, a possibility.
  • A Blue R or I = General Haplogroup.
  • A Purple Series of Letters, i.e. AA or DDD = Designators used in our Strategy Paper.

More information about the lines represented on this diagram can be found at > Mx Lines: Testing Candidates