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Volume 26, Number 4, May 2012

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 26, No 4, May 2012.
  • Cover: This lovely watercolour of the Molyneux Coat of Arms was created by Harriett Hill Glass in 2009. Harriett gifted it for IMFA’s use. Harriett was the only child of US020 Amy Mulleneix Hill. Note inside.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President US329 Jim Molineux’s Message - 2
  • Obituary: Joel M. Molyneux Jr. 1927-2011 - 3
  • US101 Marie Mx Spearman’s message re New PresidentUS329 Jim Molineux: The Boehm Chapel - 4-5
  • “Your Family Tree: Is it an End or a Means?” US332 Wayne J. Straight, Edited by US294 George A. Molyneux: Query from Debra Switzer Dirks: - 6-7


  • “Too Far-Fetched to be True – or Is It?” By US339 Wendy Mullinax Arnim; Genetic Distance Matrix Update (US312 Steve Mullinax) Haplogroups E & I; Haplogroup R - 8-12
  • Mx Genealogy Workshop by US339 Wendy Mx Arnim - 13-14
  • News from Austalia by Margeret Mx Hemming: Nulma & Sam Turner N.Z.; Anna Molyneaux, Production Co-ordinator – Film and TV.: Dr. Paul Molyneux, Lecturer, Primary Language and Literary. - 15-17
  • UK News: History of Altcar & the Mx Connection; Postumous Award for Lt.Com. Ian Molyneux; Query from Kathy Bookbinder. - 18-20
  • Poem written by May Boyd (nee Molyneux) mother of UK138 Malcolm R. Boyd. - 21
  • Apprenticeship Indentures – UK137 Ron Molyneux’s Great Grandfather James Molyneux. - 22-24
  • South Africa: A new grand daughter for SA002 Terry and Beverley Molyneux. South African Journal of Geology – Richard Molyneux sent by IRE130 Tom Molyneux. - 25
  • The Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Mansfield, Nottingham. The Molyneux Brass. - 26-27
  • New Records now available on Ancestry.com for Pennsylvania.

Volume 26, Number 3, February 2012

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 26, No 3, Feb 2012.
  • Photo 2010, the family of our President Marie Mullenneix Spearman, pictured in the centre. To the left is husband Ted (Theodore Ferdinand Spearman), daughter Simone, grand daughter Saja and son in law Jason Weaver. This is a very special picture and a tribute to Ted who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2012.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • Editor’s Message: USA news – Death of Judge Theodore Spearman; Obituary - 2-3
  • Memorial Service of Theodore Spearman 21 January 2012; New US Member US406 Ken Mulenex. Locating Edward Thomas Mx. Re US350 Karen Rhea White query by UK015 David Molyneux - 4


  • ‘Joe Mulliner: Man, Loyalist, Rake, Bandit, Folk Hero & Ghost’ by US332 Wayne Straight, Edited by US312 Steve Mullinax & US339 Wendy Arnim - 5-9
  • Obituary of US278 Donald Sheridan Mulanax - 10
  • ‘Just Another Step or on the Verge of a Breakthrough?’ by US339 Wendy Arnim - 11-16
  • South Africa: Norma Celebrates her 90th Birthday - 17
  • News from Australia by Margaret Mx Hemming; Death of David Charles Molyneux - 18
  • Obituary of David Charles Molyneuxs - 19
  • News of two young members of IMFA. AU089 Jack Daly, and Nissa Lance Letter from June and Kenneth Griffin re “Liverpool Workhouse” - 20
  • News from Alwyne Merritt; Naval History Books of Interest re member Frank Yates. - 21
  • News from UK - “The Street” by UK137 Ron Molyneux - 22-25
  • Painting Courses in Rural France UK020 Lt. Col. John Molyneux-Child. - 26
  • Caryll, 3rd Viscount Molyneux (1622-1699) - 27-28

Volume 26, Number 2, November 2011

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 26, No 2, Nov 2011.
  • Cover: Grandparents and father of SA003 Christopher John Molyneux. Grandparents: John Lloyd Molyneux (1860-1941) and Annie Owen Molyneux (1866-1942). They lived in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Christopher’s father the Rev. William Arthur lyneux (1904-1988) is with them.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message incl. Social Networking – Facebook UK006 Clive Molyneux - 2
  • Welcome New US members: Brian Mullennex US404; Dorothy Barnum US405; details of US396 Marilyn Prault’s family - 3-4
  • Memories of the Molyneux family from Lancashire to Tennessee by US266 Seline Jo Woods. ‘100th Birthday Celebration’ of Josephine Mx Franklin Pendergrass - 5-7
  • ‘RETRACTION’ by US332 Wayne J. Straight in reply to UK010 Russell Molyneux-Johnson’s query. SA002 Terry & Bev Molyneux’s Christmas Greetings to all - 8


  • Connecting the Prince Edward Island Mx Branch to the Knowsley Mx Branch by US278 Brian Molyneaux; DNA Price Reduction on offer!! - 9-13
  • Trip to the Salton Sea by Saja Spearman-Weaver (daughter of President Marie Mx Spearman) - 14
  • Great Great Gr.Father James Molyneux by US146 Madeline Molyneux Carome - 15
  • News from Australia: New Members AU090 Julie Oliver; AU089 Jack Daly’s brief family details going back to Castle Dillon Mx’s in Ireland; DNA Volunteers: AU064 Nick Molyneux; AU056 Peter Molineux; AU068 Grant Molyneux; Musette Molyneaux Costume Maker & Designer in Australia: The Liverpool Ferry by AU041 June & Kevin Griffin. David Molyneux’s “Sefton” cattle stud; Notes on Downton Abbey TV series - 16-18
  • Molyneux Military Records at genes/reunited.co.uk - Anglo Boer War lists - 19
  • UK Editorial; Molyneux Railway Workers sent by UK015 David Molyneux - 20-21
  • The Molyneux Missionary from Liverpool, the Rev. William Arthur Molyneux 1904-88 by SA003 Chris Molyneux; Get well recovery wishes to Mrs Sybil Thomas of Sefton Church - 22-26
  • Liverpool Workhouse – details of Mx inmates in 1841, 1871 and 1881 and conditions inside the workhouse - 27-28

Volume 26, Number 1, August 2011

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 26, No 1, Aug 2011.
  • Cover: US332 Wayne Straight. Wayne’s gt.gt.grandmother was Paulina Mullineaux b. 1828, died at Roxbury, Delaware, died c. 1910 Tacoma, WA. She was married to Charles W. Green in 1850. Wayne descends through their youngest son Melville Mx Green. Wayne has been instrumental in compiling the IMFA Y-DNA Grouping Report in which he has taken a great interest, to all members’ advantage.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message: New US Members: US399 Leigh Sickler, UK400 Virginia Ziel US401 Karim Moussally US402 Laura J. Erias US403 Cathlene Williams - 2-6
  • Query from US375 Lisa Mullenneaux; Genealogy Road Trip by US362 Toni Mayo - 7


  • Making Good on Some Old Promises, Pt. 4 by US332 Wayne J. Straight, edited by US312 Steve Mx.: Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar Magazine by US137 Charles Moulineaux - 8-11
  • From Lancashire to Tennessee in 1800 by US266 Selina Jo Woods - 12-13
  • IMFA Y-DNA Testing Candidates (Items A-Z) by US332 Wayne J. Straight (to be continued in November) - 14-18
  • News from Australia: New member AU089 Jack Daly; Searching for a Common Ancestor AU019 Brian Seddon; Elizabeth Priscilla Mx of London query from AU089 Llyn Peterson - 19
  • News from South Africa by SA001 Adrienne Mx.- Meeting Relatives, UK & trip to Rome - 20-21
  • UK Editorial; The Search for George Mx. Part 2 by UK176 Daniel G.Molyneux - 22-23
  • The Babies Who didn’t Survive by UK183 Margaret Broader; Golden Wedding Celebrations UK138 Malcolm Boyd; - 24
  • 3 x Gt.gr.fa. George Found at Last UK138 Malcolm Boyd; Obituaries – IRE132 Jeanne Molyneux Jones; Elizabeth Ann Molyneux wife of UK015 David L. Molyneux - 25-26
  • Battle of Hastings – 1066 and all that! UK003 Betty Mx Brown - 27-28