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Member Pedigrees

A member's Mx pedigree traces their Mx connection back to their earliest known ancestor (EKA). The chart below is an example of how this information is displayed on our site:.

IMFA members worldwide have shared their Mx family information. Sometimes this is in the form of a text based story, a GEDCOM file or an Mx pedigree entered directly on our website. This information is critical to both individual member research efforts as well as the success of our IMFA lineage and DNA Surname projects.

When a GEDCOM is supplied we generate a Genealogy Report in PDF format. This report provides more detail than your basic Mx pedigree and can assist other members in finding connections to your tree.

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Family Web Pages

A new feature we are testing on this site allows our members to submit GEDCOM files that are published as a set of Web Family Cards just as you would find in today's genealogy software. Click on the following link to see how this works for the file submitted by IMFA's founder. On the pedigree page you will find three new links: 1) View Genealogy Report, 2) Email the Pedigree Owner, and 3) View Family Web Cards.
Web Family Cards Example

Send your comments, suggestions or GEDCOM for publishing to our webmaster at