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Volume 31, Number 4, May 2017

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 31, No 4, May 2016.
  • Cover: Photo: Miles Elliott Mulanax (1820-1896) and his wife Rachel Miller Mulanax (1833-1902), son of Joseph Mulanax (1794-1864) and Catherine Arbogast Mulanax (1795-1835), of Clark County, Ohio, USA.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, Antony Molyneux Steele; US Welcome Message US332 Wayne Straight – Two new Members: US475 Sue Hollinger-Yustus and US476 James Michael (Jim) Mullineaux. - 2
  • Miscellaneous Mx Citings, by US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman - 3-5
  • Photo: Webmaster’s Gt/gr.parents Thomas & Alice Molineux of Wolverhampton UK Rear Admiral Henry M. Mullinnix by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 6-7
  • End of Mx Mystery Address Contest by US332 Wayne Straight; Miles Elliot Mulanax 1820-1896 (photo on front cover) - 7-8
  • ‘Shotley Mulliner Family’ by US332 Wayne Straight - 9-13


  • News from Australia – Margaret Molyneux Hemming. ‘Locks on the River Thames’; Family of NZ009 Sue Howard Letter from AU041 June Griffin re: US member US474 Brian H. Magee - 14-17
  • Article “Understrength Whisky Costs Landlord £257” (copied from Vol.IV No.2. Nov.1989 Newsletter.):
    South African Rep. Adrienne Molyneux’s new postal address - 18
  • News from the UK: New member UK213 Neil Molyneux plus family photo and details.
    Two Members who have renewed: UK080 Fay Coppin and her family tree details. UK008 David Molyneux and family details. Photo of David and Polly. His grandfather William Molyneaux 1883-1916, died in Battle of the Somme, grave Details and photo of Cemetery at Warloy-Baillon France.
    Important notice to members who pay their annual subs on line. - 19-23
  • Baptisms at St. Elphin’s Church, Warrington, Lancashire 1653-1847 - 24
  • Photo of Guayarmina, on TT Course Isle of Man, grand daughter of UK 137 Ron Molyneux, and details of the TT course. - 25
  • Online Portrait Collection of ‘Old Colonists’ of South Australia, by Marie Mx Spearman, sent by Brian Seddon, Australia. - 26-27
  • Editor’s 80th birthday & remembrances of birth year. - 28

Volume 31, Number 3, February 2017

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 31, No 3, Feb 2017.
  • Cover Photo: Photo: UK006 Clive Guillam Molyneux. Clive’s parents are Walter Guillam Molyneux b. 1922 in Pemberton, Nr. Wigan, Died 1997, and Mabel Kathleen Hayden b. 1924. They married in 1949 at Enfield, Middlesex. Clive’s Mx ancestors all came from Wigan, Lancashire, England.
  • Index, Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Tony Molyneux Steele; Stop Press news re Croxteth Hall. - 2
  • Famine Irish Passenger Record Data 1846-1851 by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 3
  • Welcome to New US Members: US483 Janice Oliver Bobbitt. US474 Brian H. Magee - 4
  • Obituary: US 351 Dewey Wayne Mullinax (1935-2017) - 5
  • Extracts from Facebook by US332 Wayne Straight,
    1) Mx Mystery Address;
    2) Max Allen Mx ‘First White Woman born in Winnebago, Fairbault Co. Minn.’
    3) Clive G. Mx. ‘Lancashire Will Search’;
    4) Bob Davis, William Mx 1881-1952 of Stratford on Avon, England 5) Susan Davies – George Mx ancestor from Wigan;
    6) Glenn Mx Query re William Henry Molyneux;
    7) Angela Sendlebach “Death of G.W.Mullinax, of Dalton 1913”;
    8) Angela Sendlebach looking for photo of parents of Johnny and Ora Mullinax parents.
    9) G.S.Molyneux – Fig Tree Fort nr. Bulawayo, also Molyneux Mines in S. Africa.
    10) Marie Molineux re a Mx ‘tattoo’ - 6-10


  • News from Australia: Margaret Mx Hemming: Obituaries: AU009 Cyril Anthony Mx and Robert George Molyneux. - 11-13
  • Brothers Serving in the Military by AU019 Brian Seddon - 14-15
  • News from UK: A Visit to Giant’s Causeway, N. Ireland IRE130 Tom Mx.
    Oakengates War Memorial Nr. Telford, Shropshire, England UK206 Stephen Mx. - 16
  • New UK Member UK212 Mrs. Hilary O’Rourke, her family details - 17-18
  • ‘Why do you Wear a Poppy Beth’ from Festival of Remembrance 12th Nov. 2016 - 19
  • Obituary of UK089 Patricia Dorothy (Paddy) Molyneux 1932-2016 - 20-21
  • Marriages and Baptisms from Liverpool churches - 22-25
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King celebrates its Golden Jubilee 2017 - 26
  • Mx of Hawkley Hall, Wigan, painting of Sir Rd Mx and family, sale of the Hall 1840 - 27-28

Volume 31, Number 2, November 2016

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 31, No 2, Nov 2016.
  • Front Cover: UK010 Russell Arthur Molyneux-Johnson (25th May 1925-8th October 2016) with our founder Wesley Mullenneix (1919-1995). Taken in Salt Lake City, Utah October 1989. He was a long time member of IMFA & related to a number of our members in the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Index – Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Tony Molyneux Steele; New US Members US471 Nancy Andreasen and US472 Dr. Brian L. Molyneux, Ph.D - 2
  • Query from James Wilson re Benjamin J. Mullinax - 3
  • Facebook Extracts: ‘Yankee Boy Collection’, Mystery Address in Springs, S.Africa Mystery address in Chile; Orma & Johnny Mullinax gt.gr.parents of Angela Sendelbach; Elizibeth Pilkington of Bickerstaffe, Lancs & John Molyneux of Sutton Lancs, query from Tracy Molyneux - 4-7
  • Molyneux Family of Old Saybrook, Connecticut by UK161 John Molyneux and AU019 Brian Seddon; Molyneux Deafness - 8-15
  • Museum of Mx Things – by US332 Wayne Straight from a Mx Family Bible - 16


  • Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines by SA001 Adrienne Mx, S. Africa - 17
  • News from Australia, Margaret Mx Hemming – Footscray Football Club- Historical achievements featuring her gt. grandfather Charles Molyneux (photo) New N.Z. Member NZ010 Graeme Wilson with his family information. - 18-20
  • News from UK – New Member: UK210 Sandra Yule and her Mx connection. - 20-21
  • New UK Member UK211 Chris Molyneux from Edinburgh and info on his family. IRE130 Tom Molyneux’s Parish Church in Bray, Ireland: UK029 Colin Molyneux – Great Grandfather was a Cigar Maker - 22
  • In Memory of Pvt. Charles Herbert Molyneux (1895-1916) Great Uncle of UK209 Eliot Molyneux-Wright. - 23
  • Comments on ‘Searching for Alice Molyneux (1813-51)’ by UK200 Ann Copeland; Obituaries: John husband of UK183 Margaret Broader; UK010 Russell Arthur Molyneux-Johnson 1925-2016 – Obit sent by UK074 Susanne Armstrong - 24
  • Rambling Remembrances of Russell by US137 Charles Molineaux; Molyneux Family of Hawkley Hall Wigan – Are we related? Comments by UK004 Pauline Elliot and UK006 Clive Guillam Molyneux - 25-26
  • Battle of Hastings 14th October 1066 - 27
  • Poem ‘The Poppy’ sent by UK137 – a reminder of Remembrance Day: Christmas Greetings. - 28

Volume 31, Number 1, August 2016

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 31, No 1, Aug 2016.
  • Cover: Photo: UK188 Anthony Michael Molyneux Steele (Tony). Tony is our new President as from August 2016.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • Past President’s Message- Brian Seddon: President’s Messsage- Tony Molyneux Steele - 2
  • Welcome to New North American Members by US332 Wayne J. Straight:
    US467 Carol Molyneux, US468 John Lake – family information
    US 469 Diane G. Jones, US470 Donald Jenkins – family information - 3-4
  • The Molineux Family Bible Family Records from Donna Ripley - 5-6
  • “A Note from Allison Cecilia Molyneux” sent by Brian Seddon
    ‘Names’ found in USA, ‘Ron’ and ‘Molyneux’ sent by UK137 Ron Molyneux - 7-8
  • Obituary of US415 Thomas Robert Moffette (1926-2016); Saja’s Graduation – Grandchild of US101 Marie Mx Spearman & Ted. - 9-10


  • ‘Convictions of Theft,’ send Ann Ure & Ann Newman to Tasmania in the mid 1800’s By US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 11
  • Facebook Extracts May – August 2016 from US332 Wayne Straight: - 12-14
  • Selected Mxs from the Gravestone Photographic Resource, Accessed July 2016 by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 15-16
  • News from Australia: Two new members from New Zealand: NZ008 Philip Molineux with family details, NZ009 Sue Howard with family details. - 17-18
  • Australian Visitors to the UK and Europe. AU30 Douglas and April Browning. - 19-20
  • News from the UK: New President Tony Mx Steele – his direct line of descent from 6 x gt. grandfather William Molyneux; - 21
  • Molyneux’s in Scotland – Clare Molyneux, Saddle Fitter for the North of Scotland. - 22
  • Index of Wills and Administrations 1921; Slater’s Directory of St. Helens, Widnes and Earlestown, Lancashire, 1895. Heads of Households - 23
  • Baines Directory for Liverpool 1824: DNA Results for Michael Patty Mullennix – a Facebook query sent by Wayne Straight. - 24-25
  • The First National US Census from JSTOR Daily by Kenneth Prewitt. - 26
  • Searching for Alice Molyneux 1813-1851 query received by Brian Seddon - 27-28

Our Editor: Betty Molyneux Brown

Blending lineages, family photos, stories and data extracts Betty creates a most enjoyable family history magazine for our very diverse, world-wide membership.

After Wes' death in January of 1995, President Betty Molyneux Brown in the UK stepped down, and immediately stepped up into the role as IMFA’s Editor. The newsletter was renamed MxWorld with a new masthead created by UK015 David Molyneux, and soon grew to 28 pages.


Betty’s passion and dedication to preserving and making history interesting and accessible extends to her volunteer work with her parish church. This last April, 2010, Betty was instrumental in the great success of the Prescot Church’s 400th anniversary celebration (1610-2010). Betty’s well-researched history can be read from the online pages of the Church Magazine at her church’s website: Prescot Church

Please send us your family stories and photographs, because members do like to read about other Molyneux families.