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Volume 1, Number 4, May 1987

Cover of MxWorld - Volume 1, No 4.
  • Editor's Suggestion for a Family Reunion; Queries - 1-2
  • New Members: UK025 Raymond Worral; UK026 Nigel Edward Molyneux; UK027 Peter Molyneux; UK028 Melanie Winterbotham; UK029 Colin Edward Molyneux; UK030 Philip Molyneux; UK031 Mrs Vivian J. Lake; UK032 Fred McGrath; UK033 Mrs Margery Griffithes; US064 Angela D. Boehm; US065 Mary Clinton; US066 Mrs George (Molly) Parsley; US067 Timothy Molyneux; US038 Eldred & Sarah Mullinnix; US069 C. Eugene Mullinnix; US070 Joel and Phoebe Molyneux - 2
  • Obituary, Alvin E. Mulanax, 1912-1987, Manhattan, Kansas, USA - 2
  • Ancestry of Alvin E. Mulanax and Books Published by Him - 2-3


  • Correspondence w/ Capt. George Molyneux, Membership AU014 - 3
  • Mx info from "Burke's landed Gentry"; More-Molyneux of Loseley Park - 3-4
  • Sarah Elizabeth Lake Mullyneux - Marriage to Walrond of Barbados - 4
  • Will of William Molyneux, Baronet, Viscount Molyneux of Maryburg, Ireland - 1716 - 4-6
  • Will of Richard Molyneulx of Maryburgh, Ire.1738 - 6-7
  • Will of Mary Molyneux of Lancaster, 1739; Mx Irish Famine Immigrants 1850 - 8
  • Family Representatives - 8
  • News Item, Rear Adm. Allen P. Mullinnix, and USS Mullinnix - 9
  • List of Mx and Similar Names from LDS Michrofiche, 1820-1880,from States of Alabama through Maine - 10

Volume 1, Number 3, February 1987

Cover of MxWorld - Volume 1 No 3.
  • Acknowledgement of Correspondence; info re Last Earl of Sefton -1
  • Obituary, Stanley Mullinix, Yakima, WA Oct 1986 - 2
  • Request to Locate Quarterly Magazine "The Genealogist" Published in London - 2
  • Membership List as of January 1, 1987 - 3-6


  • Australia: AU001 Mrs Patricia Luscombe; AU002 Mrs Winifred Evans; AU003 Mrs Emily Hertel; AU004 Mr & Mrs R. Molyneaux; AU005 George Molyneaux; AU006 Morris Ross; AU007 Mrs Beth Lynn; AU008 Mr & Mrs G. Anderson; AU009 Cyril Molyneux; AU010 Mr & Mrs Bob Molyneaux; AU011 Mrs M. Haslen; AU012 Mrs Heather Ingram; AU013 Mr & Mrs Stewart Muir; AU014 Capt. George Molyneux; AU015 Mrs M. Rose; AU016 Mrs N. Knot; AU017 Mrs Kathleen Molyneaux; AU018 Mr & Mrs John Boyd; AU019 Brian Seddon; AU020 Ms Pat Hugill-Hirst; AU021 James & Fay Molyneaux Canada: CA001 Alan Alvare; CA002 Wyn Booth; CA003 Barney Kuchinka; CA004 Mary Steward; Ca005 Ina Trotter; CA006 Phyllis H. White; CA006 [dup number] Mrs Gwen Randolph New Zealand: NZ001 Miss Nulma Turner; NZ002 Miss Patricia Molyneux; NZ003 Mrs Maureen Nathan; NZ004 Colvin Molineux; NZ005 Mrs Joyce Rowlands; NZ006 Ernie Mullineaux; NZ007 Paul Molineaux; United Kingdom: UK001 Mrs Mary Menzies; UK002 Charles Cawley; UK003 Mrs Betty Molyneux Brown; UK004 Mrs Pauline B. Elliott; UK005 Mrs Elizabeth Cook; UK006 Clive G. Molyneux; UK007 Alan D. Molyneaux; UK008 David Molyneaux; UK009 Clifford O. Burton; UK010 Russell A. Molyneux Johnson; UK011 Mrs Pamela Mathews; UK012 Mrs Joan Turnbull; UK013 Ronald A. Kent; UK014 Anthony Molyneux; UK015 David L. Molyneux; UK016 Maj. James R. More Molyneux; UK017 Mrs Josephene R. A. Dowler; UK018 Donald F.A. Perry; UK019 Frank Molyneux; UK020 Lt. Col. John W. MOlyneux-Child; UK021 Albert E. Mullineaux; UK022 Miss Gillian M.N. Robinson; UK023 Mrs Brenda J. Barker; UK024 John Cullwick United States: US001 Mary Barley; US002 Gladys Bonney; US003 Virginia Borradori; US004 Virginia Botts; US005 Keith Brandon; US006 Lelah Brown; US007 Rose Doris Brown; US008 Leslie Buirch; US009 Richard J. Bush; US010 Wynona Coburn; US011 Alan Cookson; US012 Mrs. Fred Crigler; US013 Patricia Cummins; US014 Eunice P. Dykes; US015 Helen Frank; US016 Myrtle F. Fortner; US017 Donald P. Graham; US018 Sue Harwood; US019 Will Henderson; US020 Mrs William H. (Amy) Hill; US021 Lola Hubbard; US022 Mary F. LaFollette; US023 Robert Loffredo; US024 J.M. Long; US025 Fred W. MacMahon Jr.; US026 Mrs Wayne (Marie) McCollom; US027 Marsha Lee Mitchell; US028 Alvin E. and Katherine Mulanax; US029 C. R. Molineux; US030 Morris Molineux; US031 W. & Myrtelle Molyneaux; US032 Ladd Mullenaux; US034 Maj. William H. Mullenioux; US035 Mark William Mullenioux; US036 Michael B. Mullenioux; US037 William Hamilton Mullenioux; US038 Wesley L. Mullenneix; US039 Otto B. Mullinax; US040 Gary Mullenix; US041 N.T. Mullenix; US042 Richard Mullenix; US043 Lavona Mullennix; US044 Comm. C. Allen Mullinix; US045 Daryl K. Mullinix; US046 Harvey A. Mullinix; US047 R. Gordon Mullinix; US048 Peggy O'Neal; US049 Agnes Pl Oswald; US050 Mrs. F.J. Patterson; US051 Jack & Doris Rose; US052 G. Edgar Shattuck Jr.; US053 Robert S. Shattuck; US54 Gene Smith; US055 Helen I. Smith; US056 Edna Soward; US057 Elda Stafford; US058 Joy Tach; US059 Virginia Tamblyn; US060 Shirley Thomson; US061 Allan W. Blanchford; US062 Dale Walker; US063 Blaine G. Molyneaux; US064 Mrs Robert Anstead; US065 Marie A. Spearman Family Representatives; Queries - 6
  • Marriages in Wiggans (Wigans), No Church Listed, 1815-1836 - 7-8
  • Marriage of Samuel Mullenix to Mary Full 1795, Virginia - 8

Volume 1, Number 2, November 1986

Cover of MxWorld Volume 1 No 2.
  • Editor's Letter; Towns of Mulino, Oregon and Los Molino, California, others in England and Australia; Letter re Sefton Parish Church - 1-2
  • Mx Hatchments at Teversal Church, Nottingham - 2
  • Irish Family History at Trinity College, Dublin - 2
  • Info from Nellie's Book, Lineage of Robert Molyneux, his son Vivian et al - 3-4


  • Queries and Corrections - 5
  • Will of Nathaniel Browne, w/mention of Martha Mullender, his Sister, wife of Thomas Mullander, 1684; Will of Thomas Mullenner of Ipswich, 1625, Joiner; Thomas Mulliner, son of abv., in New Haven Colony, 1639 - 6
  • Various Mx Arms and Crests - 7
  • Facsimile of a Molyneux Tomb and inscriptions, 1682-1775 - 8

Volume 1, Number 1, August 1986

Cover of MxWorld Volume 1 No 1.
  • Origins of the Mx Name - 1
  • Traditions of Origin - 1
  • Info, Earls of Sefton, from Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux's book - 2
  • Irish Mx, Castle Dillon.(Sir Thomas Molyneux) - 3
  • Mx Name taken by William Hockenhull - 3


  • Mx-SEEL Name Authorized - 3
  • William (Guilliam) Mx; Fled to England from France - 3
  • Village of Moulineaux, near Rouen - 3
  • Mx Teversal Information, from "Gentlemen's Magazine" - 4
  • Queries - 5-6