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Volume 22, Number 4, May 2008

MXWorld Volume 22 Number 4, May 2008, Cover
  • Cover: Paulina Mullineaux, b. 1828, Roxbury, Delaware, New York state. Pauline is the daughter of Levi and Esther Smith Mullineaux. She m. Charles W. Green in 1850 and died c. 1910 in Tacoma, Washington. The photograph was taken in 1866 when she lived in LaSalle County, Illinois. See pages 5-11 for article about Paulina's family.
  • Index, Copyright, Family Representatives, front cover details - 1
  • President's Message. The Bush/Wheeler-Molyneaux Outline; MxDNA Project; US020 Amy (Mrs William) Hill - 2
  • News from Members US133 Brady Mullinax, US243 Mark Molyneux - 3
  • New Members: US327 William & Carol Tramper Butts; CA328 Sam Oliver; Google Books scans Nellie Zada Rice's Mx book; South Africa News - 4
  • Paulina Mullineaux (1828-1910): US059 Virginia Tamblyn and Wayne Straight send letters to share from their ancestor Charles W. Green, husband of Paulina Mullineaux; Photo: Melville C. Green, youngest son of Paulina and Charles with wife Caroline and eldest daughter Mildred taken c. 1900 - 5-10
  • Paulina's brother Philip Mulnix by US306 Leslie Beals - 10-11
  • A Molyneux Family with Sussex Roots - ancestors of US327 Carol Tramper Butts; photo: Maria Molineux Hallett, b. 1815, Cuckfield, Sussex, England (p 12); Photo: Mary Hallett Hall, b. 1847, Horstead Keyens, Sussex, England and d. 1930, Grand Rapids, Michigan (p 13 - 11-15


  • News from Australia; Two Mysteries by Margaret Hemming: Discovery of King Tut's Tomb financed by 5th Earl of Carnavon whose names includes Molyneux; Photo: Highclere Castle (p 16); Image from painting: George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnavon (1866-1923) (p 18) - 15-18
  • Change of Address: UK129 Peter Rd. Molyneux; UK139 Malcolm Boyd's details re 1911 Census now available for Co. Dublin, Ireland - 18-19
  • IRE130 Tom Molyneux's photo when Grouse Shooting in Kilcoague Mountain, Ireland in 1953 (includes Tom's father Ernest Molyneux) - 19
  • Wedding Congratulations for UK176 Danny Molyneux's daughter Karen to Garth Rees; Photo: Marguerite, Gareth, Karen & Danny at the Thistle Hotel, Haydock, St. Helens - 20
  • Query from non member sent by UK171 John Molyneux - 21
  • UK101 Michael John Molyneux-Deeks: Molyneux Family from Garston, Liverpool, including a list of birth/baptisms at St. Mary's RC Church, Woolton, Liverpool - 21-24
  • Registers of Deaths at St. Mary's RC Church, Woolton 1756-1941 - 24
  • Marriages at St. Mary's RC Church, Woolton 1756-1907 - 24
  • Burials at St. Peter & Paul's RC Church, Gt. Crosby near Liverpool 1826-1904 (Photo: St. Mary's RC Church, Woolton, Nr Liverpool, England - 1725-1919, p 25) - 24-25
  • US294 George Mollineaux's article re the Mullenix Family of Branford, Connecticut and Throg's Neck, New York between 1638 and 1790; Flushing and the Anti-Slavery Movement by F.J. MacMaster - 26-28
  • Extraction from the History of Queens County re Horsman Mullenex - 28

Volume 22, Number 3, February 2008

MXWorld Volume 22, No 3, February 2008, Cover
  • Cover: Joel Molyneux (1835-1915) & Elvira McCarty on their wedding day 27 December 1865.  Grandparents of US084 Kermit M. Bird and US083 Carol Bird Tomkins.  Their mother was Winifred M. (Bird), youngest of 6 children born to Joel and Elvira Mx in 1883. Joel was the son of Edward and Rebecca Molyneux of Sullivan Co., Pennsylvania.  Edward’s father William was born in Lancashire.  (See p. 5-7) for Joel’s letters home during American Civil War 1861-65. Index, Copyright, Family Representatives, front cover details – 1
  • President’s Message.  New Canadian member CA326 Mrs Joan Challis – 2
  • New member: US324 Jackie Mullinax Ziemer and family details, sharing common ancestors with US132 Paul E. Mullinax and US171 Pat Halterman – 3
  • Extracts from New York Times online – 4
  • Extracts from Quill of the Wild Goose: Letters & Diaries of Pvt. Joel Molyneux  - 5-7
  • News from Australia. New Australian members: AU080 Tony & Suzy Molyneux and AU081 Ron Sharpe and family details – 8-9
  • Obit: Patricia Margaret Molyneux (1919-2007) – 9-10


  • Botanist William “Bill” Molyneux by Margaret Hemming – 11-13
  • News of Nulma Turner and address change NZ; S. Africa: Change of Address for SA002 Terry & Bev Molyneux.  SA003 Chris and Norma Molyneux’s news re gt-grandfather Arthur Molyneux – 14
  • News from UK; Editor’s Letter; New UK member UK181 Mrs Jill Compton, family details and where they lived in the London area – 15-16
  • A family of “Coopers”, details of new Canadian member CA326 Joan Challis & her sister UK179 Kay Littlehales & family photo; Update on Y-DNA matches for IMFA participants – 17-18
  • UK015 David Molyneux’s and UK161 John  Antony Molyneux’s matching DNA results! – 19
  • UK101 Mike Deek’s latest info on his gt grandfather Caryll Molyneux – 20
  • Non-member queries; Obit: Angela Watters Molyneux, d. 2007 from the Irish Times sent by IRE130 Tom Molyneux – 20-21
  • Selection of marriages 1717-1828 in the South of England sent by UK015 David L. Molyneux – 22-23
  • Photo of IRE132 Jeanne Mx Jones; Query search for Henry Mx, c. 1740 Lancashire and photo of Golden Wedding celebration – 24-25
  • St. Catherine House Index, BDM’s for 1850 – 26-27
  • UK161 John Anthony Molyneux’s comments on 1849 Index; Query from non-member re Mx family of Millenhall, England - 28

Volume 22, Number 2, November 2007

MXWorld Volume 22, No 2, November 2007.
  • Cover: Great grandparents of AU060 Lindy Mollineaux of Tasmania.  Taken on the wedding day of William and Emma Hodges Mollineaux, 20 March 1889 in Tasmania, William age 23 and Emma age 19.  William is the son of John Mollineaux and his second wife Eliza (see MxWorld Vol. 19, No. 1, August 2004). Index, Copyright, Family Representatives, front cover details – 1
  • President’s Message including 2007 publication notice of The Devil’s Gentleman by Prof. Harold Schecter; blog searches re Roland Molineux and his father, Civil War Veteran Edward Leslie Molineux; blog news re IMFA members US137 Charles Molineaux and US309 David Ray Mulinix  – 2-3
  • New US Members:  US321 Judy Mullinix Luthe; US322 Mark Mullinix; US323 Paula Mullineaux; US324 Jackie Mullinax Ziemer; US324 Gerald Lynn & Diania Mullinax – 4-5
  • US068 Eldred Mullinix’s report on Mullinnix Reunion and “In the Footsteps of Grandparents”; photos of Eldred using Divining Rods to locate un-marked graves, and group photo of program presenters – 6-8


  •  Story of Real Life Drama of Franz Molineaux, a German immigrant to US in 1896 – 9 News from Australia:  Message from Oz Rep Margaret Hemming; Family of AU060 Lindy Mullineaux; Molyneux in West Indies -AU061 info from Ray Hyland of Tasmania – 10-12
  •  Enquiry from AU079 Mary Lark of Armidale, NSW; Obit – Patricia Margaret Molyneux – 12
  •  Letter from AU077 Mike & Jenny Ashton; Travel update from Brian & Ann Seddon in China – 13-14
  • Editor and UK Rep’s letter; New UK Members: UK178 Lisa A. Taylor plus family information – 15-17
  • New Member UK179 Kay Littlehales plus family information – 17-18
  • New Member UK180 David Hollins’ Castle Dillon family; Enquiry re Gen. Thomas Molyneux Williams from non-member June Bridgeman – 19-20
  • “Double Check Census for a Place of Birth a Must: Arthur Molyneux b.c. 1827 – Druggist, Herbalist, Botanist” – SA003 Chris Molyneux’s update on his great (also great grandfather of UK040 Arthur X. Molyneux) – 20-21
  • Roger de Molins, a Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem 1177-1187; Picture of Roger de Molins and information about Roger provided by US127 Charles Molineaux and UK010 Russell Molyneux-Johnson – 22-25
  •  UK006 Clive Molyneux: information on Molyneux Family WebRing; Update on Gen. Register Office Procecures – 25
  • St. Catherine House Index UK for 1849 – 26-28
  • Dorking “Molyni” from UK161 John A. Molyneux – 28

Volume 22, Number 1, August 2007

MXWorld Volume 22, No 1, August 2007, Cover
  • Cover: Joseph Molyneux (1846-1916) b. Windle, St. Helens, Lancashire, m. Mary Glover (1848-1938) at Portico Chapel, Prescot, Lancashire in 1868. Son of Richard and Sarah Holden Molyneux. Joseph is the gt/gt grandfather of UK177 Ian Molyneux, gt/grandfather of UK153 Wilf Molyneux and gt/grandfather of AU054 Hugh Molyneux. Index, Copyright, Family Representatives, front cover details - 1
  • President's Message: News of our N.Z. Rep. Nulma Turner's accidents, photo of Nulma/Sam - 2
  • News from US Members: US024 Barry Molineux, US311 Donna L. Ripley, US133 Brady Mullinax - 3
  • New US Members: US314 Mark Molyneux; US 316 Reginald Lane Mullinax; US317 Linda Mullinix Gardner; US318 Jan Mullinix; US319 Elizabeth Mullinix McGranaham; US320 Nancy Joanne Mullinix Carey - 3-4
  • Welcome back to US064 JoAnn Anstead; US108 Conrad Nagel Brown Jr. - 5
  • Obituary: US140 Virginia P. Byers (1920-2006); Virginia's line of ancestry and photo of Virginia and husband Frank - 5-6
  • Family Tree of US290 Walter Ross Mollineaux - 7
  • Cyclone, Drowning & Typhoid Fever Claiming Lives in the family of John Nelson Mullenneix (1860-1932) by Marie Mullenneix Spearman - 8-10
  • Gospel Herald Obituaries from the Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee Website - 11-12
  • Australia: Message from Oz Rep Margaret Hemming - 13


  • NEW Oz Member: Mary Lark; The Australian Woodside/Molyneaux Family by Mary Lark - 13-14
  • The Ongoing Search for the Molyneauxs in Australia by Colleen Blums - 14-15
  • Comments on AU077 Mike/Jannie Ashton's English forebears by AU028 Alwyne Merritt & UK161 John Molyneux - 15
  • AU019 Brian & Anne Seddon - travels in China - 15
  • Unlock Your Criminal Past - Ancestry.com.au - website opportunity - 16
  • UK010 Russell Mx-Johnson's comments on the Crisp Molineux of St. Kitts - 16
  • AU041 June & Ken Griffin - connections to non-member? - 16
  • Letter from New Zealand from John A. Molineaux - to the Editor - 17 Editor's Message; An 'Edwardian' Wedding - 18
  • Photo: An 'Edwardian Wedding': John Robert Molyneux and Bertha Jackson, April 1903, grandparents of UK137 Ron Molyneux and gt/gt aunt & uncle of UK148 Chris Hughes - 19
  • US006 Clive G. Molyneux: Changes at the Family Records Center, the Office of National Statistics - 20
  • UK138 Malcolm Boyd sends: A Vital but Sad Discovery about his Irish ancestor; family details of George Molyneux, b. ca. 1817 - 21
  • Photo and details of the Parish Church of Liverpool - Our Lady and St. Nicholas - 22-24
  • Mx DNA - List of IMFA Participants - 24-25
  • Photo: Wilfred Molyneux (1881-1938) grandfather of UK153 Wilf Molyneux and gr/grandfather of UK177 Ian Molyneux and family details - 25
  • Comment by UK161 John Mx on Castle Garden Website - 25
  • St. Catherine House Index UK for 1848 Births/Marriages/ Deaths - 26-28
  • Aintree Family History Fair announcement; query from non-member re Mary Jane Molyneux b. 1902, Anfielde, Liverpool - 28