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Volume 10, Number 4, May 1996

Cover of MxWorld - Volume 10, No 4.
  • Cover: Andrew Jackson "Jack" Mulnix b. 24 January 1833, Middletown Twp., Delaware Co., New York. Married 15 July 1857, Bloomer, Montcalm Co., Michigan, Olive Ruth Miner b. 24 September 1842, Black River, Jefferson Co., New York, daughter of John Anderson Miner and Cordelia Thompson Miner. Andrew served in the Civil War as Private, Co. I, First Regiment U.S. Sharp Shooters, in Col. Berdan's Volunteers. He was a Justice of the Peace and farmer. His death record is with the Montcalm Co., Michigan vital records, Death Cert. 627. He d. March 1900, Sidney Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan of "heart failure due to chronic diarrhea and piles." The photograph was taken at Stanton, Michigan about 1886 when their daughter Minnie was married. Andrew and Olive are US140 Virginia P. Byer's paternal grandmother's parents.
  • Front Cover - more information; Family Representatives; Copyright -1
  • Letter from America; Spearman-Mullinix; New U.S. Members: US199 Pat Saletore, US200 Joan E. Ogg; Renewal US132 Paul E. Mullinax - 3-4


  • Mxs from Rhode Island IGI; from 1860 Michigan Census; from the Van Benthuysen Genealogy by Alvin Seaward Van Venthuysen and Ethel M. McIntosh Hall, 1953 - 5-6
  • Mxs from Book of Rememberances - 6
  • Editor's Letter; Visitors from USA, US 146 Madeline Molyneux Carome - 7
  • Visitor from UK004 Pauline Elliott; The Grange; photo of the Grange - 8-10
  • William Molyneux of Sullivan County and US members who descend from him - 11-13
  • Pilgrim Fathers - sent by UK026 Ted Molyneux and photos of William Mullins home - 15
  • UK009 Cliff Burton shares correspondence from new member US200 Joan Ogg re Samuel Molyneux b.c. 1718, m. Ann Ledger in Darton, Yorkshire - 15
  • 1881 Census, Mx extractions - from UK015 David L. Molyneux - 16-20
  • A Molyeux Came with Captain Cook from Bruce Maffey of New Zealand, pencil sketch from oil painting of Robert Molyneux of the Endeavour - 21-22
  • On the Track of "Thomas the Book and James the Paint" - sent by UK092 Graham Molyneux - 23
  • Lineage of Molyneux Line of Graham Brook Molyneux - 24-25
  • Sketch of Sefton Church and Water Mill - 25
  • 1881 Census for Durham and Kent - more Mx extractions from UK015 David L. Molyneux - 26-27

Volume 10, Number 3, February 1996

Cover of MxWorld - Volume 10 No 3.
  • Cover: This charming photo has been sent by IMFA member UK130 Thomas Gordon Molyneux of County Wiklow, Ireland - whose ancestral line goes back to the Irish branch of the Molyneux family. Taken Christmas 1947, Tom b. 1936 was then aged 9, he married 1) Christie Zickler, with two children - Hugh and Stefan; m. 2) Wendy Pocock, with a daughter, Katherine Ann. Tom's three sisters are, from left to right: Marjorie Grace Molyneux b. 1925, married Anthony Hanan, with three children - Heather, Gillian and Robin. Pearl Rosemary b. 1927, married Basil Kearon, they also have three children - Graham, Clive and Nicola. Maeve Elizabeth b. 1928 married Aubrey (Jock) Kay, with four children - Ian, Ruth, Kristy and Alister.
  • Letter from American by Marie Mx Spearman; New US Members: US196 Bruce Grinager, US198 (Cecilia) Sue Austinson - 1
  • 20 Ways to Avoid Grief in Your Genealogical Research by Margaret M. Sharon, reprinted with permission from the British Columbia Genealogical Society - 2-3
  •  Query from non-member re Du Moulin ancestor; Family Representatives; Copyright - 3
  • 1920 Soundex Census for Missouri - Mx Extractions - 4-11
  • 1910 Miracode Census for Texas - Mx Extractions - 11
  • Letter from Editor; more family details re William Molyneux from UK131 Carlen Capenos - 12-13


  • Query from UK015 David L. Molyneux; The Formation of English Parishes - 13-14
  •  Photo of Lord Molyneux House, Liverpool and information sent by UK077 Peter Molyneux - 15-16
  • 1881 Census for Surry and Yorkshire - Mx Extractions sent by UK015 David L. Molyneux - 17-21
  • Fred Molyneux the Postman Is Identified! - found by Betty Mx Brown - 21
  • He Fell by the Wayside! - Betty Mx Brown; The Rev. Matthew Mullineux, MA, MC - from ex-IMFA member Mrs. Elizabeth Cook - 22-23
  • Error in Worsley Census Lists: correction - 23
  • Miscellaneous Mx extractions: St. James Church, George Street, Manchester 1788-1837; Our Lady & St. Nicholas Church, Liverpool, Lancs. & Ches. Parish Record Soc. Vol. 101, 1705-1725; Ancient Chapel, Toxteth, Unitarian, Liverpool - 23
  •  St. Brides, Liverpool, St. Anne, Richmond, Liverpool, St. Martins in the Fields, Liverpool, St. John, the Haymarket, Liverpool, Monumental Inscriptions at St. John's, Haymarket - 24
  • Holy Trinity, St. Anne Street, Liverpool, St. James, Toxteth Park; St. George, Castle Street, Liverpool, St. Simon, Liverpool, St. Nicholas R.C. Parish Church, Hawk St., Copperas Hill, Liverpool, St. Austins R.C. Church, Grassendale, Liverpool, St. Oswalds R.C. Church, Old Swan, Liverpool, 1891 Census, Bootle, Liverpool - 25
  •  Lineage of John Molyneux b.c. 1800, m. Margaret Hurst 1824, Wigan, Lanchashire - sent by UK080 Mrs. Fay Coppin - 26
  • Teversal Church 50,000 Pound Roof Appeal; photo of St. Katherine's Church, Teversal; Editor's note - 27

Volume 10, Number 2, November 1995

Cover of MxWorld Volume 10 No 2.
  • Cover: Frederick Molyneux 1905. Mr. Molyneux began service in the Post Office in 1870, retiring only on reaching the upper age limit of 60 years. For the duration of his thirty-five years' service he walked the Wescott round, an average of 20 miles everyday, there being three deliveries daily. It was calculated that his 'long walk had covered a distance of 255,500 miles, or ten and a half times round the world." On his retirement a fund was opened by Wescott post office and raised 17 pounds, 1s. 6d. from a grateful village. Mr. Molyneux wrote from his Rothes Road, Dorking home: 'I beg to thank most sincerely all who have subscribed to the fund for the kind manner in which they have appreciated my services as a postman for a period of 35 years.' The photograph and above caption are used with the kind permission of Keith Harding, and are taken from his book 'Dorking and District in Old Photographs.' Using the original glass-plate negatives of local photographer Walter J. Rose (1857-1954), this fascinating work captures the streets and buildings, the occupants and their activities, in the busy market town of Dorking (about 25 miles south west of the City of London) during the early part of this century. It is published by Alan Sutton Publishing, Phoenix Mill, Far Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucester England. ISBN 0-7509-0550-6.
  • Letter from Editor; Extract from Plymouth Rock to the Pacific by founder Wesley L. Mullenneix - 1-3


  • 1790 Census - Mx Extractions; 1800 Census Index New York - Mx Extractions - 3
  •  Letter from America: Mullenix-Snider Family Reunion; New US Member US197 Lee Sanders; query from a non-member re Ronny Molyneaux - 4
  • Family details of new US Member US197 Lee Sanders - 5
  • Mx Excerpts from Posterity of Moses Pierce by Jessie Pierce Cooper, 1955, pp. 40-56 by Marie Mx Spearman - 6-10
  • Mx Extractions from 1870 Census, Tennessee - 11-14
  • Query from US177 Don and Geraldine Richards re ancestors of "Little John" Mullenneix; Front Cover credit thank you to UK015 David L. Molyneux - 14
  • Molyneux Rose; Query from non-member Mrs. Jane Riding Smyth of Lancashire - 15-16
  • Query from Australia, from Alan R. McCabe trying to locate information re Margaret Molineaux 1749-1798 - 16
  • Mx Extractions for County of Lancashire - RC Returns - from Betty Mx Brown - 17-18
  • The Mock Corporation at Sefton; Rufford Old Hall; Copyright; Family Representatives - 19
  • Photos of the North F ront of Rufford Old Hall with Molyneux's brick wing of the West Front dated 1662; Marble Busts from monument at Teversal, Nottinghamshire of Sir John Molyneux 3rd and his wife Lucy - 20
  • Mx Extractions from Marriages at St. Peter's, Church Street, Liverpool - 21-22
  • Mx Extractions from Mariages at St. Barnabus, Upper Parliament Street - 22
  •  UK117 Lisa Rotherham sends extracts from churches in the Ashton in Makerfield area, and Betty Mx Brown's descriptive introduction - 23-27
  • UK029 Colin Molyneux sends photo and details of tombstone: Edward Vernon Molyneux Favell and wife Alice (Edward killed in action 1944) - 27

Volume 10, Number 1, August 1995

Cover of MxWorld Volume 10 No 1.
  • Cover: Castledillon, Co. Armagh, North Ireland; View over Lake from Castledillon, Stable Block, Castledillon.
  • Letter from America - by Marie Mx Spearman including photo of daughter Simone's marriage to Jason Weaver in San Francisco 22 July 1995 - 1-2
  • Mx Extractions from 1880 Soundex for Iowa - 2-4
  •  A Last Letter from Dad - dated 28 April 1994 - 5
  •  Shared news from US members - 6
  • US138 James E. Nelson - The Family of Sir William Farley - 7-8
  • Misc. Pennsylvania Records; The Last Elk from The History of Randolph County, West Virginia by Hu Maxwell - 9
  • Will of Daniel Bordet of Boswick, Kings County, New York (mentioning Molinaer, 1766); Family Representatives; Copyright - 10
  • Letter from Editor; death of Australian Representative Fay Molyneaux - 11-12
  • New Australia Member AU047 Mrs. Margaret Hemming; news from New Zealand - 12
  • 1881 Census Index - Mx Extractions for selected counties - 13-15
  • New UK Members: US080 Mrs Fay Coppin - taking membership number of her father Eric Ashbourne Molyneux; UK130 Thomas Gordon Molyneux; UK131 Mrs Carlen Capenos - 15


  • Visitation of the Castledillon Molyneux - May 1995 by UK015 David L. Molyneux; St. Aidan's Church, Grange, photos of St. Aidan's Grange Church, near Armagh City, North Ireland, Molyneux Family Vault - 16-19
  • Queen Elizabeth 1591 (Record Office - Pay Roll), in list is Thomas Mollyneuxe - 19-20
  • Extract from An Ulster Squire of the Reign of George III - by Mrs Margaret Caulfield (d. 1878) - 20-21
  • Mullineaux Family in Westhoughton, Lancashire - from non-member Mrs Dorothy Baker re Elizabeth Mullineaux b. 4 July 1831 - 21
  • UK116 Mrs Nana Evans sends a Mx Cheshire marriage of Thomas Mollineux to Anne Deakin 1852 - 21
  • Molyneux Tomb in Kensal Green Cemetary, London - photo of UK010 Russell Molyneux-Johnson beside the recently restored tomb - 22
  • Lily and the Battle of Abbey Roll - note from UK-2 Mrs Lily Molyneux, mother of UK015 David L. Molyneux; death certificate from UK121 Mrs Alice Rivett: William Molyneux d. 31 October 1894 aged 76 of Lostock, Bolton - 23
  • Molineux Baptisms, Little Hulton and Ellenbrook, Lancashire; 1841 Census, Little Hulton & Manchester - 23-26
  •  Photos sent by UK077 Eric Seymour Molyneux: his grandfather Seymour Alfred Molyneux b. 28 April 1864 at Windsor and father Floyd Seymour Molyneux b. 29 October 1899 at 3 years of age; family photos from 1936 and c. 1920 - 27