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Volume 32, Number 4, May 2018

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 32, No 4, May 2016.
  • Cover: Photo: UK137 Ron Molyneux, who sadly recently departed (1930-2018) see p.23/24 with his grand daughter UK216 Guayarmina Perdomo Molyneux who has joined us.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, Antony Molyneux Steele “Wars of the Roses” - 2
  • News from USA: New Members US484 Robert ‘Bobbbie’ Mullinex, US485 Sheri Hunter, US486 Donna Hoskinson, US487 Judith ‘Judy’ Zamzow, Member from Germany DE001 Jamie ‘Jay’ Molyneux; US484 Bobbie Mullinex’s family details - 3
  • DE001 Jay Molyneux’s comments about his family - 4
  • US485 Sheri Hunter’s self introduction, photo Sheri and Marie Mx Spearman - 5-6
  • Continuing US457 David Ray Mullinax’s family: Grandfather Milton Monroe Mullinax (1903-1984) Photo: Grandparents and family - 7-9


  • Some History from Lafayette Co. MO by US461 Bill Mullenix + shop adverts. What do we know from Ancient Skeletons? US332 Wayne Straight & website ref. - 9-10
  • Facebook Extracts by Wayne Straight: Thomas Mulliner famous Chorister and Musician; Jen Goldsworthy looking for Margaret Molyneux born 1834 in Chatham Kent; US483 Michelle Mulneaux Tuttle discusses DNA results - 11-16
  • News from Australia – Brian & Anne Seddon’s trip to China plus photographs - 17-18
  • News from UK: New member UK216 Guayarmina Perdomo Molyneux - 18
  • A Lady of Many Parts, Henrietta Molyneux Boyd 1903-1976 by UK138 Malcolm R. Boyd, Photos. - 19-20
  • Liverpool City Council Make a ‘U’ Turn over the future of Croxteth Hall - 21
  • RIP John Molyneux 1931-2018 former Liverpool Football Club Player - 22
  • Obituary of UK137 Ron Molyneux 1930-2018 , and photo - 23-24
  • Photo sent by UK148 Chris Hughes of her grandmother Mary Francis Molyneux Hughes, carrying Chris’ father as a baby; Churchill’s Scar comments by UK042 Richard Molyneux. - 24-25
  • UK008 David Molyneaux’s reference to Captain Edward Molyneux – Fashion Designer. - 26-27
  • Molyneux Photographers of Woolwich, and Manchester, UK - 27-28

Volume 32, Number 3, February 2018

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 32, No 3, Feb 2018.
  • Cover Photo: Elmer Ray Mullinax 1932-2006 son of Milton Monroe Mullinax 1903-1984 & Maudie Novella Shuffield 1912-1991 see story on pages 7-10.
  • Index, Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message, Antony Molyneux Steele; New N.American members: CA482 Nancy Bowes: US483 Michelle Tuttle: Nancy’s family information. - 2
  • Michelle’s Mulneaux Descendants - 3
  • Ontario Births Index 1860-1920 by US101 Marie Mx Spearman and British Channel Isles BMD 1540-1915 - 4-6
  • New Findings on US457 David R Mullenax’s Mystery Photograph; Plus Photo, David’s own family information and photograph; His father Elmer Ray Mullenax (1932-2006) details; Facebook query from NZ by UK006 Clive Mx - 7-10
  • Tom Molineaux’s Story “Crossing the Black Atlantic” by Des Kilbane - 11-14


  • News from Australia, message from Douglas J. Browning; Molyneux Rush, Lightening Ridge, NSW From IMFA Gazetteer by AU019 Brian Seddon - 15
  • News from UK and S. Ireland: New member UK215 Nigel Caine & family Details, Photo Huyton Lodge, home of Nigel’s ancestors - 16-17
  • UK161 John A. Molyneux re Molineux Rose. John’s wife Edna celebrates her 80th Birthday, family photo; UK026 Ted Molyneux Comments on Churchill-Molyneux Skin Graft 1898 - 18
  • UK113 Frank Rimmer – War Memorial in Rainford, Lancashire re 7903 Sapper William Molyneux of Rainford; News from Wales UK024 John Cullwick Elected Councillor for Plaid Cymru, photo. - 19-20
  • ditto : News from Ireland IRE130 Tom Molyneux article on his father “Ernest Molyneux of ‘The Decoy’ Dunlavin“ - 21-23
  • Molineux in Montseratt UK028 Melanie Winterbotham - 23-24
  • Query non member Re Lillian-Voss Samways/Molyneux
    Query non member Re Ronald C. Molyneux - 25-26
  • Information about this query by US332 Wayne J. Straight: Mullineaux Ambulance Service from IMFA Gazetteer by US297 Christina Mollineaux Witcher - 27
  • Editor’s Diamond Wedding Celebration, Photo. Closing remarks. - 28
  • Addendum: Update to p.7 received after this issue went to press. Download Addendum

Volume 32, Number 2, November 2017

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 32, No 2, Nov 2016.
  • Front Cover: SA002 Terry & Beverley Molyneux of South Africa. Bev as usual sends best Christmas Greetings to IMFA members and their families, and hopes you all have a wonderful fun filled 2018.
  • Index – Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Tony Molyneux Steele; New US members: US480 Bret Sutherland and US481 Kenneth Mullennix - 2
  • Simone’s New Book “The Bliss” by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 3
  • Obituaries: William ‘Bill’ Edmund Mitchell Molyneux (Canada) 1933-2017; US189 Donald F. Wingerson (USA) 1932-2017 - 4
  • Tribute to Donald F. Wingerson by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 5
  • Comments on Hawthorne’s “My Kinsman, Major Molyneaux” by US137 Charles Molyneaux - 6


  • Comments on “Carlos Walker Mulleneux Oboe Player” by US464 Mary Herzog - 7
  • “Ex-Slave in Texas Reveals Secrets of Upstate S. Carolina Slaveholder” by US101 Marie Mx Spearman 7-10
  • “Mathew Mullinax was Revolutionary Patriot” by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 10-12
  • Index of Molyneux Stuff by US332 Wayne Straight - 12-15
  • Australia: Brian & Anne Seddon’s Golden Wedding wishes & Photo; News from UK - 16
  • Diaries of Leonard Molyneux “A Boy Goes to War” by UK158 Megan Molyneux - 17-23
  • “Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd.,” – book by UK015 David L. Molyneux - 24-25
  • “Molyneuxs in the Liverpool Area Who Dealt in the Flour Trade” UK101 Mike Mx Deeks - 26
  • “Molyneux Biscuits” – comment by UK213 Neil Molyneux
    “Churchill – Molyneux Skin Graft” – UK042 Rd.A. Molyneux & UK137 Ron Molyneux - 27
  • Poppy Remembrance; “Butler’s Molineux Ale” by US332 Wayne Straight; Christmas Wishes. - 28

Volume 32, Number 1, August 2017

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 32, No 1, Aug 2016.
  • Cover: Photo: US029 Barry and Cathy Molineux Barry is the son of Rex Molineux whose ancestors came out of London to Kansas in April 1874.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, Antony Molyneux Steele; Welcome message US332 Wayne Straight re 3 New Members: US477 Windy Molyneux Spencer-Wheeler US478 Wesley Mullenaux; US479 Mary (Kosmach) Porter - 2
  • Lineage details from US476 James Michael (Jim) Mullineaux;
    F/B Digest from US332 Wayne Straight: UK006 Clive G Molyneux – Croxteth Hall
    Action Group; Mx Plantation Barbados: Ellen Molyneux 1350-1431 - 3-6
  • How Much Genetic Material do we Inherit from our Mothers? Wayne Straight - 5-6
  • From a Molyneux Family Bible by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 7-8
  • Visit of US029 Cathy & Barry Molineux to see Marie Mx Spearman. Photo of Cathy. Barry & Marie and Barry’s info about families from London arriving in Kansas in 1869; Wedding Bells for US157 Al. K. Mullenneaux & Donna - Photo - 8-9


  • US457 David Mullinax’s research on 2 x g/g/gr.fa. William Mullinax (1839-1921). Photo: William and Elizabeth Jane Mullinax. - 10-11
  • Carlos Walker Mullenix 1900-1964 Oboe Player by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 12-14
  • News From Australia – Retirement of Margaret Mx Hemming and introducing New Rep. Douglas J. Browning; AU093 Peter Weaver’s Molyneux family. - 15
  • News from the UK: Welcome to new member UK214 Andrew Seymour Molyneux Notes in Andrew’s Mx lineage: Sir Thomas Molyneux 1661-1733 of Castle Dillon, Armagh, Ireland by IRE130 Tom Molyneux. - 16
  • Arthur ‘Darkie’ Molyneux 1876-1955 of Dorking Surrey, by UK196 Elizabeth Molyneux-Dickinson, Photo: Frederick Molyneux 1845-1912, father of ‘Darkie’ Mx. - 17-19
  • John Moleyns of Stoke Poges, Bucks, England by UK042 Richard Molyneux, photo Of St. Giles Parish Church, Stoke Poges - 19-20
  • Molyneux ‘Marie’ Biscuits by UK213 Neil Molyneux & Photo. Photo of Neil’s 2 x gt.gr.mother in a Victorian Mourning Locket. - 21
  • John Molyneux VC 1890-1972 – New Estate named in his honour. Photo: John ‘Jack’ Molyneux VC and VC Medal; Query from non member Mary Griffiths James. - 22-24
  • Marriages St. Ephins Parish Church, Warrington 1591-1837 - 25
  • Emma Molyneux (1849-1936). Photo of ‘Pine Trees House’ Pitlochry, Scotland - 26
  • Bains Liverpool name Directory 1824: Wigan Directory 1825 - 27
  • Introducing our Oz/NZ Rep AU039 Douglas J. Browning - 28

Our Editor: Betty Molyneux Brown

Blending lineages, family photos, stories and data extracts Betty creates a most enjoyable family history magazine for our very diverse, world-wide membership.

After Wes' death in January of 1995, President Betty Molyneux Brown in the UK stepped down, and immediately stepped up into the role as IMFA’s Editor. The newsletter was renamed MxWorld with a new masthead created by UK015 David Molyneux, and soon grew to 28 pages.


Betty’s passion and dedication to preserving and making history interesting and accessible extends to her volunteer work with her parish church. This last April, 2010, Betty was instrumental in the great success of the Prescot Church’s 400th anniversary celebration (1610-2010). Betty’s well-researched history can be read from the online pages of the Church Magazine at her church’s website: Prescot Church

Please send us your family stories and photographs, because members do like to read about other Molyneux families.