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Volume 28, Number 4, May 2014

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 28, No 4, May 2014.
  • Cover: Walter Downall Molyneux (1873-1924) and Isabella Jane Molyneux Lancaster (nee Fairhurst), (1890-1973) married 16 Feb. 1915 at Pemberton, Wigan. They are Grandparents of UK006 Clive Guillam Molyneux. Walter Downall Mx is the son of Joseph Molyneux (1843-1898) and Elizabeth Pendlebury (1843-1923) who were Grocers in Wigan.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message US329 Jim Molineux; Photo of Brian Seddon the next President - 2
  • US New Members US434 Kathy Stewart, US435 Jack Molyneaux and US436 Lane Mullinax: ‘Van Henley Mullinax of S.Carolina’ by US339 Wendy Arnim & photo - 3
  • Obituary of US083 Eugenia Carol Bird Tomkins 1917-2014, photo - 4
  • British India Office Births & Baptisms 1712-1965 by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 5-6
  • ‘Truth or Rumour?’ by US409 Julie Mullinax Crawford - 7-9


  • US332 Wayne Straight’s excerpt from “Come on, BASC, Run Gun Gundogs” by David Hancock; Photo 3rd Earl of Sefton Charles Wm. Mx with dogs - 10
  • Obituary of Tami (Swan) Molyneaux wife of US278 Brian Mx. Photo. Editor’s thanks to John Mullenneix for his letter and card: News from S.Africa SA001 Adrienne Mx’s new address. SA002 Terry & Bev Mx’s new grandson. - 11
  • News from Australia by Margaret Mx Hemming. Photo of her family - 12
  • Obituary for Clarinda Molyneux (1951-2014) Barrister - 13
  • Albert Molineux (1832-1909) Agriculturalist, excerpts from Marie Mune’s paper - 14-15
  • News from the UK: ‘Molyneux Railway Workers’ UK0042 Richard Molyneux’s father and grandfather’s time on the railways. Photos: Alec Molyneux in WWI and WW2. Hindley Church - 16-18
  • DNA Test that can tell where your Ancestors lived 1,000 years ago - 19
  • National Probate Calendar of Wills and Administrations for 1924 - 20
  • Blossom Trees in Sefton Churchyard – photo of Prunus Padus or Bird Cherry - 21
  • Facebook Items – US332 Wayne Straight’s details from Mx Facebook Digest - 21-25
  • ”Feeding at Croxteth Hall” an Upstairs – Downstairs story from Mrs Elda Lempereur Photo of Abbeystead House - 26-27
  • Emery Molyneux 16th century Globe maker. Notes from Ron Molyneux. Liverpool Street Watchmen in the 19th century - 28

Volume 28, Number 3, February 2014

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 28, No 3, Feb 2014.
  • Cover: Photo: John Mullenneix on his 92nd Birthday on 17th August 2013. He was a keen cyclist – see the article “The Bicycle Man of Salton Sea” on pages 3 and 4. John is the brother of our founder Wesley Mullenneix (1919-1995). He is the son of Edward Grant and Flora (Grounds) Mullenneix. His other siblings being Evelyn Mx Lowell, Alice Mx Nylund and Louis Mullennei
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message US329 Jim Molineux; photo 4 Generations Marie Mx Spearman family - 2
  • “The Bicycle Man of Salton Sea” Uncle John Mx sent by Marie Mx Spearman - 3
  • Edward E. Mullenneix 1840-1893 “A Hero of the Civil War” - 4
  • Two Newly Identified Mx Lines by US332 Wayne J. Straight - 5
  • US New & Returned Members- US143 Betty Mx Mason US433 Mary Ellen Mx Lamb - 6
  • Obituary – Nulma Turner of N.Z 1933-2014 Photo: Nulma and brother Sam Turner - 7
  • Euolgy & photo of Nulma’s 80th birthday party - 8


  • Facebook extracts: Query from US431 Stephen Mx re Richard Mx in Jamestown - 9-13
  • News from Australia - Margaret Mx Hemming ; Mike Ashton & Nick Molyneux rejoin Diskon & Molyneux a coach building firm, Bexley, Sydney. 1935 Bentley Car built by this company auctioned at Sotheby’s. Photo of the Bentley Note from the Editor re Mike Ashton of Australia’s request re families from Sussex & Kent, England. Alwyne Merritt’s family from Kent quoted - 14-16
  • News from the UK. New member UK202 Sheila Molyneux Anderton. Sheila’s family details; An article about an ancestor of hers - Catherine Molyneux 1822-1876 Photo: Chapel of St. Mary’s at St. Helens, Lancashire (now demolished) - 17-18
  • 1841 Census results for Mulliner in Suffolk, sent by US332 Wayne Straight. Local Militia Roll, Napoleonic Period, St. Helens, Lancashire 1808-1816 - 19
  • “How Hannah’s Family Travelled Throughout the Years”. Re a Knowsley family - 20
  • Your Family: Past, Present & Future – Wait but Why? + Generation diagrams - 21-22
  • Molyneux/Stanley Family of St. Helens; Photo of relative grave stone at St.Helens - 23
  • Molyneux Wills 1925 - 24
  • Who were these People? (based on two of the listed Wills) - 25-26
  • Potential Member information re a Molyneux family in the Liverpool Area - 27
  • Blossom Trees in Sefton Churchyard: Photo by US409 Julie Mx Crawford: Query re Wolverhampton & Willenhall Mx Lines US339 Wendy Arnim - 28

Volume 28, Number 2, November 2013

    Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 28, No 2, Nov 2013.
  • Photo c. 1955 of US111 Lenora Mulnix Adams 1928-2013. Lenora was born in Standing Stone, USA, the eldest child of Wesley Mulnix and Marion Meteer Mulnix. In 1955 she married Donald E. Adams of Sayre. They had two children Dale and Darlene. See Obituary for Lenora on page 3.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message US329 Jim Molineux - 2
  • Obituary, US111 Leonora Mulnix Adams 1928-2013 - 3
  • Who is the Birthday Girl aged 96 Then! US083 Carol Bird Tomkins; US New Members US428 John Futch, US429 Clarence Smith, US430 Nancy Owen, US431 Stephen Mullenix and US432 Barbara Darling - 4
  • “Otto B. Mullinax 1912-2000” by Steve Mullinax US312 - 5-8
  • Facebook extracts from Wayne Straight US332 - 9-13


  • “William Molineux: a Wolverhampton Wanderer?” by Mark Jones, via Wayne Straight - 14-18
  • ‘Searching the Parish Records in UK for Branford Mx’s’ by US332 Wayne Straight - 12
  • “The Marriage Certificate” by Stephen J. Molyneux; “A Child’s Walk in the Wilderness” by Paul Molyneaux - 13
  • News from Australia – Margaret Mx Hemming: AU058 June Mx of Tasmaia re the August feature “Geologist Arthur John Charles Molyneux&rdquo. AU024 Carol Rohde’s family from Ireland: Silhouette History; Family tree of John Molyneaux farmer 1741- d. 1838 of Doagh, Ireland. - 19-20
  • “Remembering Joy Hoy” – Obituary 1924-2013. By IRE130 Tom Molyneux - 21
  • News from the UK: New members: UK200 Ann Copeland; UK201 Stephen J.Molyneux – details of Stephen‘s family & connection with US146 Madeline Carome. - 22-23
  • Renovation Of The Fire Damaged Part of Croxteth Hall; Queen Victoria‘s Embroidress Ann Seymour Molyneux great grandmother of UK198 Brian Floyd Molyneux; - 24-26
  • Molyneux Wills 1918-1920; UK137 Ron Molyneux Members of the Molyneux Family of Walton, Liverpool; Christmas wishes from SA003 Bev & Terry Mx of S.Africa. - 26-28

Volume 28, Number 1, August 2013

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 28, No 1, Aug 2013.
  • Cover: Photo: UK065 Mrs Pat and Mr David Molyneux of Maghull, with their daughter Caroline Ann on her wedding day 25th April 2013, to Mr. David Walsh. The wedding took place at St. Helen’s church, Sefton.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President US329 Jim Molineux’s message - 2
  • “To Be or Not to be a Huguenot That is” by US332 Wayne Straight & US294 George Mollineaux - 2-4
  • Things Mx on Facebook by US332 Wayne Straight - 5-7
  • New North American Members:
    US422 Catherine A. Molineux; US423 Justin Mullinax, CA424 Jennifer R. Ferguson, US425 Hap Mullenneaux; US426 Gail Rendle; US427 Jennifer Kunkle-Clark, US428 John Futch; CA008 Kate O’Neil - 7-8
  • ‘John Molyneaux – Canadian Military Settler & Pioneer’ by CA008 Kate O’Neil - 9
  • Smithsonian Museum Collections: Selena Woods - 10-11


  • ‘Mx Heritage Tour’ by Wendy Mullinax Arnim US339 - 12-16
  • News from Australia by Margaret Mx Hemming:
    “Remembering Darwin” AU009 Cyril Molyneux;
    Proposed Purchase of Castle Dillon, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland Sandra Daly;
    Searching for Richard Molyneux 1873/4 from non member Bruce Maffey N.Z. - 17-20
  • News from the UK and S. Ireland:
    New UK members: UK197 Helen Molyneux Gerken; UK198 Brian Floyd Molyneux UK199 Ben Molyneux
    Hoping the Dorking Mx’s Can Link Up by UK161 John Molyneux
    Talented S. African Wine Producers UK161 John Molyneux
    Interesting Information in Wills UK161 John Molyneux
    Obituary: Joy Marjorie Hoy, sister of IRE130 Tom Molyneux
    Wedding at Sefton Church, Caroline Ann daughter of UK065 David Molyneux
    Memories of Working in Lewis’s Department Store, Liverpool UK065 David Molyneux
    Continuing in the Methodist Tradition UK024 John Cullwick
    Great Great Grandmother’s Family Found at Last UK015 David L. Molyneux
    The Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge
    Geologist Arthur John Charles Mx by IRE130 Tom Molyneux
    Visit to Viking areas - Editor -- 20-28