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Deed of Land for Property in Current Day Forksville Thomas Huckell, 1797

Lycoming County Courthouse
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Deed Book 2 page 359

Joseph Priestley Northumberland agrees to sell Thomas Huckell a tract of Land called Strong's half part of which has been cleared by Mullineaux.  This part contains in whole four hundred acres which Joseph Priestley agrees to sell Thomas Huckell at two dollars an acre paid in Manner following, that is to say in seven several yearly payments and to pay Joseph Priestley eight per cent per annum on the Principal till the whole is paid including such Principal and Interest as may from Time to Time be paid; but in case Thomas Huckle shall pay or cause to be paid Joseph Priestley one third part of the total amount of the four hundred acres of Land above mentioned reckoning of the same at one Dollar and a half per acre on or before the first day  January 1798 the other third part with interest on or before the first day of January 1799 and the third and last payment of Principal and Interest on or before the first day of January 1800 then paying one dollar and a half per acre with eight per cent interest on each installment Joseph Priestley agrees to consider such payment as a full Satisfactory payment for the  four hundred acres of land herein described and to give Thomas Huckle his heirs Executors Administrators and [? assigns] a full and clear Title and to indemnify him his heirs Executors etc. from all claims on the said Land as well as Actions of Law or causes of Actions so as to give the said Thomas a full and clear title to the aforesaid land.

Strong's Tract is situated above the Forks of the Loyalsocke Creek adjoining part of the land occupied by _____Warren on the one side and adjoining the tract or part of the Tract called Forks Tract on the other hand. Joseph Priestley agrees to give up all Improvements on the aforesaid Tracts to Thomas Huckle on Consideration of Thomas Huckell using his endeavours to make a road from the said Lands to join a Road leading from John Hills to Muncy and Joseph Priestley hereby promises to use his Endeavours to get a subscription towards defraying the expenses of said road. If Mullineaux returns back to America  Thomas Huckell agrees to pay him for the improvements made on the said tract of land. Such Improvements to be viewed and ascertained by Jas. Arkwright and John Huckell both of Loyalsocke in Lycoming County in the State of Pennsylvania within which county the said Tract of Lands is situated. In witness of this agreement I set my hand this fifteenth day of May 1797. Joseph Priestley Jr.

Witness Thomas Langford, Lycoming County.

Thomas Langford personally appeared before me Henry Shoemaker one of the Justices of the Peace for said county and being sworn according to Law doth depose and say that he was present at Northumberland at the executing of this Deed and saw Joseph Priestley sign seal and deliver the said Deed with his own hand and further the said deponent sayeth not. Sworn and subscribed this twenty fourth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven. Thomas Langford

Before me Henry Shoemaker.
Recorded the twenty seventh of June 1797. M. Kidd, Recorder.