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Volume 33, Number 4, May 2019

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 33, No 4, May 2019.
  • Cover: Photo: Adrienne Molyneux (1951-2019) who was IMFA Representative in South Africa. Sadly, Adrienne passed away on 20th February 2019. We shall certainly miss her news and comments. May she rest in peace.
  • Index. Family Reps. Emails and addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, “Learning About Your Ancestors” Understanding the Historical Context. Steve Mullinax - 2
  • Welcome New Members: from Wayne Straight: US498 Andi Kessler & CA499 Jonathan Molyneaux. New members’ family details. - 4-5
  • “Retirement of US404 Brian D. Mullennex Chief Petty Officer, US Navy” by US101 Marie Mx Spearman, from details via his aunt US074 Helen Gash + photos - 6-9


  • Obituary for US395 Charles “Chuck” Joseph Eades (1929-2014) plus photos - 10-11
  • Diaries of Sir Richard Frederick Molyneux (1873-1954) - 11-12
  • “Who was William Mullinaux of Portsmouth, New Hampshire?” By US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 13
  • Obituary of SA001 Adrienne Molyneux (1951-2019) + Adrienne’s family details. - 14-15
  • Monument of Sir Thomas Molyneux Bt., FRS photo sent by IRE130 Tom Molyneux - 16
  • News from Australia/New Zealand. Article about Molineux River on S.Island of N.Z. - 17-18
  • UK News: Obit of Daphne Minette Molyneux wife of UK129 Peter Molyneux
    The Molyneux family of Dorking, Surrey, in Nellie Z.R. Molyneux’s book By UK161 John Molyneux - 18-21
  • Facebook Extracts sent by Wayne Straight - 21-24
  • Do ‘Molineux Roses’ Grow on you? UK42 Dick Molyneux - 25
  • Extracts from Molineux House in Wolverhampton and its Family from an article by Bev Parker, by UK003 Betty Mx Brown plus photo of house and maps of grounds. - 26-27
  • Croxteth Hall, Liverpool, ‘Hauntings’ - 28

Volume 33, Number 3, February 2019

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 33, No 3, Feb 2019.
  • Cover Photo: Photo: CHRISTMAS 2018, US236 Don Mulinix family Editors Note:(details as sent on f/book) 3 generations of northwest Ohio Mulinix’s. Me and my brother Mark, our dad Mark, and grandpa Don Jr. — with Mark Mulinix Jr. and Mark Mulinix. (at left)
  • Index, Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message – Steve Mullinax - 2
  • Welcome New US Members: US492 Walter Mullinix ; US493 Kendra Young; US494 Anna Molineaux; US495 Ian J. Molineaux; US496 Harry Mullinax; US497 Linda Barris; US494 Anna Molineaux and US495 Ian J. Molineaux – family details & photos; US497 Linda Barris gives family details - 3- 6
  • Did your Irish Ancestors Work for Guinness in Ireland by US101 Marie Mx Spearman; Major Peter Molineaux – Photo by US137 Charles Molineaux - 7-8


  • News from Australia: The ‘Do It Yourself’ Funeral Director by AU017 Brian Seddon; Plus photographs. Australian Opals. - 9-11
  • UK News: New Member UK219 Vikki Dobson-Evans, and family details - 12
  • Tribute to Leading Seaman Joseph Handford Molyneux (1891-1916) UK176 Danny Mx. Lt. Benjamin Molyneux, M.C. 1895-1918 by UK213 Neil Molyneux - 13
  • Who was the Father of Sir William de Moulin? UK213 Neil Molyneux - 14-15
  • How Certain Can We Be about our Correct Line of Decent? By UK180 David Hollins - 16
  • The Molyneux Family from Scarisbrick - 17
  • Pvt. Joshua Molyneux, Royal Irish Lancers (1875-1954) Sale of his medals UK026 Ted Mx. - 18
  • Wales Marriage Bonds, sent by US101 Marie Mx Spearman; Selection of Facebook Extracts sent by Wayne Straight - 19-25
  • Marriages at Wigan Parish Church of All Saints 1599 – 1770 - 25-26
  • Understanding Cemetery Symbols, Wayne Straight - 27
  • Liverpool’s Medieval Castle and the Molyneux family - 28

Volume 33, Number 2, November 2018

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 33, No 2, Nov 2018.
  • Front Cover: The Hon. Cecil Richard Molyneux, Midshipman, R.N. HMS “Lion” Royal Navy who died Wednesday 31st May 1916, Age 16. Killed in action at the Battle of Jutland. Born 2/12/1899 to Helena Mary Molyneux nee Bridgeman and Osbert Cecil Molyneux 6th Earl of Sefton. Memorial: Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, England.
  • Index – Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • Letter from Steve Mullinax, IMFA President - 2
  • News from USA: New Member US491 David G. Molyneaux; Two John Molyneux Wills from S. Carolina by US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman. - 3-5
  • Book by Otto B. Mullinax “Some Mullinax Roots, S. Carolina to Texas” from Webmaster Jim Molineux - 6


  • “Genetic-Genealogy, Cold Crimes & A Mx What If” by US332 Wayne Straight - 7-10
  • Face Book Transcrips, August through to November 2018 - 11-14
  • A Website- re William Molineux (1717-1774) from US294 George Mullineaux. Continuing US457 David Ray Mullinax’s Family, 2 x Gt.Grandfather William Mx. - 15-16
  • News from UK: New Member UK218 Anne Linda Robinson, nee Molyneux; And re-newed Member UK118 Jim Molyneux + his family details. - 17
  • Obituary: Mrs Anne Rimmer wife of UK113 Frank Rimmer + family details. - 18-19
  • Sgt. John Molyneux VC (1890-1972) - 19-20
  • Am I a Relative of Sir Francis Drake? UK004 Pauline Elliott - 21-22
  • Query from a non-member re Irish Relatives; Friends of Croxteth Hall Country Park date of their Carol Service at Croxteth Hall. - 23
  • Casualties in WW1 1914-1918 - 24
  • WW1 UK Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Debt of Honour Register by By UK148 Chris Hughes - 25-27
  • Christmas Greetings Card to all from SA002 members Bev & Terry Molyneux. - 28

Volume 33, Number 1, August 2018

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 33, No 1, Aug 2018.
  • Cover: Photo: Beulah Caroline Chambers Mullinax (1871-1967) wife of Joseph Estridge Mullinax (1869-1932). Beulah is the great grandmother of US457 David Ray Mullinax.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • New President’s Message Steve Mullinax; - 2
  • Retiring President Tony Mx Steele’s new venture on the tug ship The Danny
    News from USA: New Members US487 Judie Zamzow; US488 Adam Mulanax; US489 Letitia Mullenix; US490 Maddux Mullinax - 2-3
  • Molyneux Family of Sarah I Whiting, Oelbong by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 4-6


  • Continuing US457 David Ray Mullinax’s Family History: Gt.gr.father Joseph Estridge Mullinax 1869-1932 - 7-10
  • A Story by US490 Maddux Mullinax - 11-15
  • South Africa: Photo of Bev & Terry Molyneux, on holiday with family in USA: Australia: Obituary James Edward Hemming 1933-2018 - 16
  • Margaret Hemming an Honorary member; Sydney Ports, Australia, Molineux Point, New South Wales, Australia - 17
  • UK News: New UK member UK217 Jillian Margaret Hedges and family information. - 18
  • Early Days an extraction from Jillian’s book Molyneux Moments & Townsend Times - 19-25/li>
  • Enquiry from non-member Breda Reidy re Molyneux of Castle Dillon - 25
  • Non member Thank you note to Tony Mx Steele for his help from a pleased researcher Bridget Wertz - 26
  • Face book extracts by US332 Wayne Straight. (William Webster Mx & Sarah Mx) - 27-28

Our Editor: Betty Molyneux Brown

Blending lineages, family photos, stories and data extracts Betty creates a most enjoyable family history magazine for our very diverse, world-wide membership.

After Wes' death in January of 1995, President Betty Molyneux Brown in the UK stepped down, and immediately stepped up into the role as IMFA’s Editor. The newsletter was renamed MxWorld with a new masthead created by UK015 David Molyneux, and soon grew to 28 pages.


Betty’s passion and dedication to preserving and making history interesting and accessible extends to her volunteer work with her parish church. This last April, 2010, Betty was instrumental in the great success of the Prescot Church’s 400th anniversary celebration (1610-2010). Betty’s well-researched history can be read from the online pages of the Church Magazine at her church’s website: Prescot Church

Please send us your family stories and photographs, because members do like to read about other Molyneux families.