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Volume 27, Number 4, May 2013

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 27, No 4, May 2013.
  • Cover: Photo of William George & Henrietta Mary (nee Hayes) Molyneux. Gr.parents of UK138 Malcolm R. Boyd.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message US329 Jim Molineux; N. American New Members by Wayne Straight. Former Member US270 Mary Mullinix Griffith. Canadian New Member CA418 Shawn Barbe LeBlanc US419 Mary Fields; US240 Debra Mullenix-Jasper; US421 Kathy Clark Bookbinder. - 2-3
  • Query on Facebook: Tabitha Mullenix, non member; The Story of Chevrolet Co. Rockwood, Tenn. 1916-51 by Selina Woods - 4
  • New Haven ancient Town Records 1649-62 by US294 by George A. Mollineaux - 5-6
  • Saluting Frances Mullinax on her 100th Anniversary by US312 Steve Mullinax - 7-8
  • A Continuing Mx Connection by US029 Barry Molineux; An Interesting Book by US416 David Charles Molyneux; Mx 1820 Dublin Directory by US332 Wayne Straight. - 9-10


  • GENEALOGY RELATIONSHIP CHART by US332 Wayne Straight - 11
  • News from Australia by Margaret Mx Hemming. “The Silver Football” - 12-14
  • New Email Address for Adrienne Molyneux in South Africa.: News from the UK. New UK members UK195 Mrs Shiela McLoughlin; UK196 Mrs Elizabeth Anne Molyneux- Dickinson; John Molyneux – Divorce 1863 by UK148 Christine Hughes. - 15
  • US416 David Charles Molyneux’s visit to UK. - 16
  • The Joys of Living in Portugal, UK014 Tony Molyneux; An enquiry by non-member Penelope Harris about “The Molynex Mausoleum at Kensal Green Cemetery, London” - 17
  • Photo: of UK161 John Molyneux of Dorking, Surrey’s son David on his 50th birthday. - 18
  • UK161 John Molyneux of Dorking sends photo of his Aunt Mary who was a Suffragette during WWI. “The Importance of Having Had a Molyneux Cousin” by UK021 Jannette Mullineaux relating to a book “Wold Hall” by Hilary Mantell. - 19
  • Molyneux Wills 1906 - 20
  • Fire Damage to Croxteth Hall to be Restored after 60 years. - 21-23
  • US members Wendy Arnim and Julie Crawford’s visit to Europe. Meeting up with UK188 Tony Molyneux Steele and the Editor at Croxteth Hall. - 24
  • Family Photo of UK138 Malcolm R. Boyd’s family: TT Honour for rider Dave Molyneux on the Isle of Man, sent by UK089 Patricia (Paddy) Molyneux. - 25
  • IMFA Reunion 1988 Video Tape; Details sent by UK015 David Molyneux with a view to the possibility of it being put on to the IMFA Website. - 26-28

Volume 27, Number 3, February 2013

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 27, No 3, Feb 2013.
  • Cover: The picture is a photograph of a painting of Osbert Cecil Molyneux 6th Earl of Sefton, born 1871 and died 1930 aged 59. He was the second son of William Molyneux 4th Earl of Sefton. The photograph was sent by SP01 Carole Linda Fleury, whose family has a connection with the Molyneux name.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message US329 Jim Molineux; New US Members- US414 Robert Mullenax - 2
  • New Members US415 Les Molyneaux; US416 David Charles Molyneux; US417 Brendan Jennings - 3
  • Biography of Leslie Molyneaux US415 - 4


  • The Identity & Parentage of C.D.Mullinix from Fentress County, Tennessee by US229 Mark Mullinax - 5-11 (View Sources)
  • Mx Pioneers in Pendleton Co., West Virginia by US293 Ron Mullennex - 12-16
  • Obituary of Josephine Davidson Pendergrass, 1911-2012: News from South Africa SA003 Chris Molyneux - Liverpool Marriages - 17
  • News from Australia, Margaret Molyneux Hemming - 18
  • James Henry Molyneux 1829-1908 by AU081 Ron Sharpe - 19
  • John Molyneux 1839-1920 & Baron George Grandmaison of France by AU024 Carol Rohde Brian and Anne Seddon’s Travels in 2012 - 20-21
  • News from the UK: Obituary of UK153 Wilfrid Molyneux 1933-2012 - 22
  • Lost and Found – John Allen Molineux of Liverpool from UK028 Melanie Winterbotham - 23-24
  • Spare Molyneux guide books for Sefton Church & ‘The Story of Teversal’ UK015 David Mx - 25
  • ‘Baby Bitten by Rat in Camden, London’ sent by UK096 Joan Evans; Molyneux Family of Scarisbrick - 26-28

Volume 27, Number 2, November 2012

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 27, No 2, Nov 2012.
  • Cover: Earl Anderson Mullenneix alias (Alonzo Moffette 1900-1979) son of Charles Wesley Mullenneix b.1871. Alonzo is the father of US413 Thomas Robert Moffette. Story of Alonzo is on page 5/6.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President US329 Jim Molineux’s message - 2
  • News from USA: Australian Members Brian & Anne Seddons’s visit to Marie Mx Spearman - 3
  • Brian Seddon’s comments re the Advantages of DNA testing - 4
  • ‘A Runaway Son’ Family reconnects Alonzo Moffette 1900-1979’ by US413 Thomas Rbt.Moffette; Comment on US413 Thomas’ DNA Ties to our Surname Participants by Steve Mullinax, Project Administrator - 5-6
  • Mary Mollineux British Poet 1651-95 by Marie Mx Spearman - 7-8
  • ‘1678 Trip to England by Thomas Mollinar Sr.Mx2’ by US294 George Mollineaux - 9-11


  • ‘Searching the Parish Records in UK for Branford Mx’s’ by US332 Wayne Straight - 12
  • IMFA Phone/Online meetings by US312 Steve Mullinax Important Updates to Mx Surname Genetic Distance Matrices by US312 Steve Mullinax - 13
  • News from Australia; “Mandalay” Home of the Molyneux Family, at Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, by Margaret Mx Hemming - 14-18
  • Obituary of Mrs May Merrett 1917-2012, mother of Alwyne Merrett; Christmas Wishes from South Africa to all IMFA members from Terry and Bev Molyneux SA002 - 19
  • News from the UK: New Member – UK194 Mrs June Price + June’s Molyneux family from Runcorn, Cheshire. - 20
  • New Member SP01, Carole Linda Fleury, Alicante, Spain. Details of Carole’s Dickenson Family and photo of her grandmother Eleanor P. Tremlow. - 21
  • “Three Generations of Knowsley Molyneux’s, Lancashire” – from non-member Mrs Jane Fennell. - 22-24
  • Congratulations to IRE130 Tom Molyneux on his appointment as Councilor for the Association of Applied Geochemists. War Memorial at Oakengates, Shropshire presented in 2006 by UK137 Ron Molyneux’s son Steve Molyneux. - 25
  • Choir Boy Tom Molyneux (1912-1991) at the Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral in 1924, by UK187 Edie Callaghan. - 26
  • ‘Looking for Alice’ by UK187 Edie Callaghan. - 27-28

Volume 27, Number 1, August 2012

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 27, No 1, Aug 2012.
  • Cover: US068 James Eldred “Blackie” Mullinnix, 1928-2012. James was born in Hearne, Texas, USA, the son of Luther Arthur and Leona Eugenia Pritchett Mullinnix, and husband of Sarah Junell Mullinnix of Delhi, TX. An obituary tribute to Blackie is on page 5.
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President US329 Jim Molineux’s message; New US members US408 Diane Hensley US 409 Julie Crawford; US410 David & Rebecca Nation; US411 Dylan Mullenix; US412 Joe Cancelliere - 2-3
  • Mulliner/Mullinder Family of Orange Co., NY; Obit. Florence May Mulliner - 3-4
  • Obit. US068 James Eldred Mullinix - 5


  • Obit. Susie Lee Mullenneix; Selina Wood’s family from Earlestown, Lancs. UK - 6
  • US339 Wendy Mx Arnim ‘Mx Genealogy Workshop’ - 7-9
  • Mx-Huguenot Connection - 10
  • Early Locations for Mxes in Europe map - 11
  • Tools & Strategies for Linking Mx Genealogy and DNA Steve Mx. US312 - 12-14
  • Family of US323 Paula Mullineaux of Atherton, Lancashire, UK - 15-17
  • News from Australia by Margaret Mx Hemming; Dr. Tom Molyneux, Chiropractor; Queries from Non-Member - 18-19
  • News from the UK. ‘Rollo the Viking’ - 20
  • Edward Molyneux of Fletton, Peterborough UK. By UK029 Colin Molyneux - 21-22
  • ‘Mark of Quality’ Utility Mark WW2, Designer Edward Molyneux - 23
  • Benjamin Arthur Molyneux, uncle of IRE130 Tom Molyneux - 24
  • Molyneux’s in our Line in the 2th Century and up to the Present Time by IRE130 Tom Mx. - 25-27
  • Latest Achievements of Dave Molyneux TT Sidecar Racer by Editor Betty Mx Brown - 28