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For Genetic Genealogy, which is the application of DNA testing to genealogy research, two areas of DNA have shown to provide information that can be used in conjunction with genealogy research. These two areas are the Y chromosome and mtDNA. These areas of the Y chromosome and mtDNA do not contain information about a persons traits or medical information. For example, the Y DNA area is known as Junk DNA by the scientists, since it does not code for personal information.

  1. Join IMFA if your are not already a member.
    > Join IMFA Online.
  2. Submit your Mx pedigree to IMFA. You can email it to webmaster@mx-world.org or enter it online after you receive your mx-world login at:
    > Enter your Mx Pedigree online.
  3. Request a $50 member DNA testing grant from IMFA at:
    > Request DNA Test Grant.
  4. Join the Family Tree Molyneaux DNA Group and order your Y-DNA37 test kit.
    > Join Our Family Tree DNA Group .
  5. Complete the test when your kit arrives, following the included instructions. Return the kit to the FTDNA lab for processing.

Both you and our team will be notified when your test processing is completed. Data and matches will be reviewed for alignment with results and lineages of our other project participants.