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Volume 34, Number 4, May 2020

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 34, No 4, May 2020.
  • Cover: Photo: Elizabeth Molyneux (1826-1891) 2nd Great Grandmother of UK220 Jenny M. Benson. Elizabeth is the daughter of William Molyneux & Jane Irwin Molyneux. Elizabeth married William Bloor on 28th July 1849 at St. Michael’s in the Hamlet Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.
  • Index. Family Reps. Emails and addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, Steve Mullinax - 2
  • Welcome New Members: from Wayne Straight: US503 Paula niBride US502 William Mullinix, and his pedigree - 2
  • Article “Chase Mullineaux Research Request” by US332 Wayne Straight - 3-6


  • Query from US490 Maddux Mullinax re: James Pleasant Mullinax - 6
  • Dear Betty “Thanks for the Memories” sent by UK191 Marie Mx Spearman - 7-9
  • Johnson Mullinax – Where are your Records” by US409 Julie Mullinax Crawford - 9-10
  • News from Australia, “Family Celebrations in Nepal” by Brian Seddon & photos - 11
  • UK News – Many Happy returns on his 90th birthday to UK113 Frank Rimmer - 12
  • UK042 Richard Molyneux “A Quickly Arranged Wartime Wedding” & Photos - 13-15
  • UK028 Melanie Winterbotham “My Molliner/Mullinax/Molineux & other Variants In the 16th/17th centuries in Oxfordshire, England” - 16-19
  • UK220 Jenny M. Benson’s Descent from John Molyneux - 19-22
  • Obituary of IRE130 Thomas Gordon Molyneux (1936-2020) & Photo - 18-23
  • Kirkdale Cemetery Burials, Aintree, Liverpool - 24-26
  • Facebook Extracts - 28

Volume 34, Number 4, February 2020

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 34, No 3, Feb 2019.
  • Cover Photo: Edward Molyneux (1889-1962) and his wife Annie Brown Molyneux (1891-1947). Edward ‘Uncle Neddy’ was brother to Editor Betty Mx Brown’s grandfather Robert Molyneux (1875-1942). Uncle Neddy was a Chimney Sweep and he and Annie had 3 sons and 2 daughters.
  • Index, Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • Retirement Message - Editor Betty Molyneux Brown; President’s Message – Steve Mullinax - 2-3
  • William Molyneux, Author of the Boston Massacre & Kinsman to South Carolina Mxs By US339 Wendy Mullinax Arnim - 3-5
  • Welcome New US Member US502 Tony Eiffler and his family details - 6
  • A Little Family insight from Across the Pond by US332 Wayne Straight - 6-8


  • Gen Disasters: 1904 Hodges, Tennessee train wreck; 1909 Ladysmith BC Coal Mine Explosion; 1922 Bronx, New York Ferris Wheel Tragedy; 1945 Quitman, Georgia Train Wreck by US101 Marie Mx Spearman - 8-11
  • News from Australia: Eyecatching Car Registration No. Plates by Brian Seddon, photos - 11-12
  • News from UK: Welcome 2 new members: UK221 Robert John Molyneux and US222 Thomas Brodrick; Are we related to King Charles 11?  From non-member, Caroline Hewett - 13
  • Death of Netta Dixon, Secretary of the Sefton Church magazine “Friends’ Newsletter” - 13
  • Family tree details of UK101 Mike Mx-Deeks; Thomas Molyneux 1837-1868 and photographs; William Moss Molyneux 1869-1926 and photographs - 14-23
  • Facebook extracts sent by US332 Wayne Straight - 24-27
  • Valentine’s Day wishes from UK006 Clive G. Molyneux; Best wishes to our Webmaster Jim Molineux’s father for his speedy recovery from Illness; Abbess Margaret de Molyneaux in 14th century during the “Black Death.” - 28

Volume 34, Number 2, November 2019

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 34, No 2, Nov 2019.
  • UK137 Guayarmina Yaiza Perdomo Molyneux’s marriage to Anthony Robert Duncan Mellor 28/7/2018 in UK. A larger ceremony took place in Fuerteventura on 8th August with family & friends when that would have been her late granddad Ron Molyneux’s birthday, see p.20-21.
  • Index – Family Reps. Emails and addresses - 1
  • President’s Message, “Collaborative Family Tree Making Platforms” Steve Mullinax - 2
  • Another visit with US029 Barry Molineux by US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman, photos - 3-5
  • US141 Hugh Jenkins 1924-2018 obit. By US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman
    California Gold Rush Exhibition by US332 Wayne Straight, Photo - 6-7
  • Welcome to US Newcomers: US500 Kimberly & Christopher Hall, and US501 Alis Barrett; Facebook Extracts - 8-9
  • Molyneux Family of Newsham House, Liverpool. CA009 Fred Mitchell Mx. Ancestors - 10-11


  • News from Australia by AU019 Brian Seddon “Molyneux Farm at Mukinbudin,” Photos - 12-13
  • News from UK. New Member UK220 Jenny M. Benson – gives her website. Re-cap on US026 Ted Molyneux 90th Birthday, with photos - 14
  • UK027 John Cullwick - Molineaux of Old Park, Shropshire, Bilston and Middlesbrough - 14-17
  • Victory Medal of Lt. Benjamin Molyneux 1895-1918. UK026 & UK213 Neil Molyneux - 18-20
  • Wedding of UK137 Guayarmina Permodo Molyneux & Anthony Robert Duncan Mellor Wedding photo. Poppy Day poem. - 20-21
  • Chris Molyneux the ‘Molyneux Kale Producer’ photos. - 22
  • Elijah Molyneux of Hindley/Leominster (1861-1954) by UK148 Chris Hughes & photos - 23-25
  • Molineux in Oxfordshire by UK028 Melanie Winterbotham - 26
  • Sefton Park, Palm House, Liverpool - 27
  • Molyneux MP’s Sir Richard Molyneux 1560-1622 & Crisp Molineux 1730-1792
    Christmas Greetings. - 28

Volume 34, Number 1, August 2019

Scanned image of cover of MXWorld Volume 34, No 1, Aug 2019.
  • Cover: Photo: Loseley House, Guildford, surrey, home of the More-Molyneux family. The Mores owned the house from 1508. Home of the More-Molyneux from 1689 when Thomas Molyneux of sefton married Margaret More of Loseley. Michael More-Molyneux and his wife Sarah live there with their family. His parents Major James and Susan More-Molyneux live in a wing of the house. See page 15 when Friends of Sefton once visited the house
  • Index, copyright and Representatives addresses. Front cover description - 1
  • President’s Message, Who Were those Early Molineuxs? by Steve Mullinax - 2-3
  • James Molineaux Murder in Pennsylvania 1783 by Marie Mullenneix Spearman - 3-4
  • Story of Stoker Molineux by US329 Jim Molineux - 5-8
  • News from Australia by Margaret Molyneux Hemming: Sophie Grace Molineux Cricketer: John Molyneux ‘Williamstown Sporting Legend’ - 8-11


  • UK News: Comments from UK024 John Cullwick on Mx House, Wolverhampton
    UK021 Jannette Mullineaux on the ship Endeavour coming to Whitby
    UK213 Neil Molyneux’s comments on 2nd Earl of Sefton 12-13
  • William Philip 2nd Earl of Sefton article - 14-15
  • A Molyneux Journey from Friends of Sefton magazine re visit to Normandy - 16
  • UK026 Ted Molyneux’s 90th Birthday Celebrations, photos Cake with Mx Rose and family group - 17
  • One Man’s War Story of UK026 Ted Mx’s father William’s army career. - 18-19
  • News from S.Africa – Obituary of Dr. Christopher John Mx (1941-2016) - 20
  • Parish Registers for Farnworth with Kearsley, Lancashire: St.John the Evangelist; St. James New Bury; St. Peters, St. Stephen,
    St. Thomas Dixon Green, Market St. Congregational chapel, Church of New Jerusalem - 21-24
  • Enquiry from non-member Breda Reidy re Molyneux of Castle Dillon - 25
  • Face Book Extracts - 24-26
  • A Hatchment in Sefton Church - 27
  • Conclusion and SA002 Bev Molyneux’s birthday greetings. Editor’s comments. - 28

Our Editor: Betty Molyneux Brown

Blending lineages, family photos, stories and data extracts Betty creates a most enjoyable family history magazine for our very diverse, world-wide membership.

After Wes' death in January of 1995, President Betty Molyneux Brown in the UK stepped down, and immediately stepped up into the role as IMFA’s Editor. The newsletter was renamed MxWorld with a new masthead created by UK015 David Molyneux, and soon grew to 28 pages.


Betty’s passion and dedication to preserving and making history interesting and accessible extends to her volunteer work with her parish church. This last April, 2010, Betty was instrumental in the great success of the Prescot Church’s 400th anniversary celebration (1610-2010). Betty’s well-researched history can be read from the online pages of the Church Magazine at her church’s website: Prescot Church

Please send us your family stories and photographs, because members do like to read about other Molyneux families.