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Mx Selected Facebook Posts - Apr-Jun 2017
by US332 Wayne Straight

Post 1 Post 1: Paul Garth‎ – Lady GEM

Just unearthed through ancestry research that 3 of 6 servants for Lady GEM in 1901 (Willow Terr) were ancestors from Baronscourt, Ireland.

Post 2 Clive G Molyneux‎ – Croxteth

The seat of the Earls of Sefton (Molyneux Family) is under threat – https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/croxteth-hall-community-action-group-1

Croxteth Hall 2017

Croxteth Hall Community Action Group

“Croxteth Hall and Estate is a vital part of our community and it is essential that Liverpool City Council begin the process of finding an organisation to take over the running of the Hall and Estate.

The Estate is currently losing over £1m per year, diverting much needed funds from an already overstretched council budget. It is clear that the council no longer have the will or the resources to prevent this stunning building and estate from falling further into disrepair.

Opportunities for the local community are being lost due the current status and the uncertainty surrounding its future.

The local community do not want to see another Stonebridge Cross, a development that has still not been completed and has not provided the associated benefits that where originally promised to the local community.

We want to see the Hall and Estate put to better use, to be made into a beacon for the area and Liverpool, with access for the local community and the creation of jobs, education, training and much needed investment.”

Latest from the Croxteth Hall Action Group - Signature Living is holding a public consultation meeting on 26th July at Croxteth Gems starting 3 pm and running until 7 pm. Signature is the only organisation interested in the hall and Estate to have done any public consultation to our knowledge and seem passionate about their vision so this would be a good place to start. Failing that Liverpool Council are still custodians so approaching them with questions as we did would also be an option.

Post 3 IMFA ‎– Mx Plantation, Barbados

Hi Folks; Carol Bayersdorfer (cazzie52@gmail.com) contacted us looking for information on the the Molyneux Plantation, St. James, Barbados, and it's connections to her Thorn(e) family. Carol is researching her ancestor, Lt. Col. Joseph Thorn(e.) One of the properties the Thorn(e) family owned was the Molyneux Plantation House. She's interested to know if any Mxes might have records in their Mx lineages linking them to the surname Thorn(e). Here's what Carol had to say:

I just came upon your website while doing research on our Thorne family in Barbados. They owned a property on Barbados and one of the properties was named Molyneux Plantation House. I was researching to find out the meaning of the name Molyneux and why the plantation was called that. I have some recollection of it maybe being named after a location in England. The earliest ancestor we can locate on Barbados is Lt. Col. Joseph Thorn/Thorne arriving there in approx 1660 or so. We don’t know why he originally went there. The Thorne Family also owned the Sandy Lane Plantation.

We don’t know which members of the family actually owned those properties. Nor have we discovered from where in England Lt. Col. Joseph Thorne came.

Below is some information I found online regarding the Molyneux plantation and wondered if there may be a connection between the Thorne family and the Molyneux family.

I welcome any information or direction that you may be able to provide.

Molyneux plantation is in St. James and was owned by the THORNE family in the 1900s. At that time it consisted of approximately 250 acres of land. In the 1800s there was a windmill on the property, used for extracting juice from sugar cane.

The old plantation house and a mill wall, relics from the past, can still be seen on the property.

The plantation is being developed with new properties used for housing and businesses.

Molyneux Plantation is located in the parish of Saint James in the western central part of the country of Barbados. Increasingly St. James is becoming known as the playground of the rich and famous, and a haven for sun-starved tourists. The parish also has great historic significance, as it was here that the first British settlers landed in 1625. Under the authority of King James, the British claimed Barbados upon landing in St. James' present-day city of Holetown (formerly Jamestown, named after the King himself); this settlement turned Barbados into what would later be known as "Little England". Records for the property go back to the 1790s. There was a windmill on the 250 acre property, used for extracting juice from sugar cane. The old plantation house and a mill wall, relics from the past, can still be seen on the property. The plantation is being developed with new properties used for housing and businesses.

I have become frustrated with the dead end I seem to have reached on where our Lt. Col Thorne was from and if he in fact was the first of our line to go to Barbados. Was he sent there by the Crown or go there on his own?

How about it folks, anybody out there who can provide us, and Carol, with some additional insight/info?

Post 4 Timothy A P Mercer ‎– Ellen Molyneux

Hello all possible relatives, after seeing a book written on my great great great grandmother's family, the Coles which came from Holland in the 1600's I did some digging on ancestry and found that Ellen Molyneux that married a Bold which went down through various females marrying into other families resulting in myself. What I have found is that my Molyneux ancestors didn't live in the large manor that the Earls did as my ancestors were from before those titles were given. Currently I have been tracing back to the relatives that were the ancient Kings of Denmark and Sweden, relations that my family refuses to believe. Today I ordered the book on the Molyneux family so hopefully when that arrives it will have the link that I found so my living family will finally believe.

Can anyone confirm these dates or give some more detailed information on these people?

Ellen Molyneux, born 1350 in England, died 1431 in England, father Richard Molyneux, mother Agatha Kyerton, married Richard Bold and had 10 children.

Richard Molyneux, born 1270 in Sefton Lancastershire England, died 1363 in England, father William Molyneux, mother Isabell Scaresbrick, married Agatha Kyerton and had 11 children. I have that book ordered but would like a little more before a week passes. I traced it back to 1040 but I am curious which people around that time had the titles, they reused names so much that it gets confusing.

Response 1IMFA

Here’s what we have in our Data Base on the Scarisbrick Mxes as a group: "One of the Kirkby area Lines. DNA results are divided between Hg R1b1a2--the genetic Mx line & Hg I1--whose ancestors inherited the Mx surname maternally w/ the birth of James in 1880. Note: Given name Ellis is also a hallmark of the Knowsley Mxes. DNA R-M222: Irish & Scottish, but especially northern Irish. DNA I-M253A: Typical of populations of Scandinavia and Northwest Europe, with a moderate distribution throughout Eastern Europe"

The Scarisbrick Line is also part of the R1 Alliance* which includes the Castle Dillon Mxes and according to genealogical (vice genetic) sources traces back to the Hawkley Line, an offshoot of the Seftons via Little Crosby.

We can’t vouch for the validity of the genealogical data of course since when you go back that far it’s so often derivative and/or anecdotal.

(*See our R1 Alliance Bubblechart at Lines/Lines/BubbleChartR

Response 2Timothy A.P. Mercer

Doesn't look like you have the one that I have. The Isabell Scaresbrick I have was born 1265 in Lancastershire, England. That name looks like it comes in around then the Molyneux became Ears of Sefton in 1700.‬‬

Post 5 Faye Bedford ‎– Molyneux Disney

G'day. My closest Molyneux ancestor is Molyneux Disney; BIRTH 1 AUGUST 1614 • Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. DEATH 30 APRIL 1694 Norton-Disney, Lincolnshire. Mother is Bridgett Molyneux from Thorpe Next Norwich, Norfolk and father William Disney. BIRTH 03 JAN 1589 Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. DEATH 1656, Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. Would love to know if any members have any of these folk in their tree.

Response 1VonZza Hathaway Melville

You are far back in time - good job! We have Bedfords

Response 2Timothy A P Mercer

If I looked down through brothers and sons I probably would find that eventually. My closest Molyneux that I know of is Ellen Molyneux born 1350, died 1431, father Richard Molyneux 1270-1363, mother Agatha Kyerton 1295-1361, married Richard Bold 1340-1389.

Post 6 Angela Sendelbach ‎– Mx Obits, et al