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Mx Selected Facebook Posts - Apr-Jun 2013
by US332 Wayne Straight

Post 1 Another Donnally Mx
4 Apr 2013
by Steve Stone Mullinax

Hi to all Kinsmen I come from the John and Sarah Donnally line down to Hezekia, Francis (Frank), D.W.(DOC), Richard (Hiram), Milburn and Billy Joe Mullinax's. I am interested in the line back to Lancashire from 1066 a.d. do you have any of that information?

Response 1 IMFA (US312 Steve Mullinax in this case)
Steve, have a look at the IMFA Web site, in particular the Mx lines bubble chart, www.mx-world.org/Lines/BubbleChart.aspx. In the lower right area of that chart, find the Donally line, which you will see connected by Y-DNA evidence to my Delaware line and the Pendleton (Virginia) line. We have yet to find genealogical evidence connecting these three lines, or connecting any of them back across the pond. Also, browse the various information available from our Lines page, www.mx-world.org/Lines/Default.aspx. Much of this compilation is the work of Wayne Straight, who chimes in here from time-to-time.

Mx-World Lines
This diagram helps visualize the relationships, based on a combination of DNA and traditional genealogical methods, between the various Mx lines we have currently identified.

Response 2 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight) Hi Steve; Sounds as though you likely belong to what we call the Donnally Mxes--linked by Y-DNA to a bunch of other Mx Lines including the Pendleton (VA), Spartanburg (SC), Delaware, & Founder Mxes in the US and to the Cheshire, Thornton and Wolverhampton Mxes in England. In which case, you've got a lot of kin among our membership. Most of the folks I've cc'ed on this reply also belong to one of these Mx clans.

Post 2 Mx Ancestors arrived on the ships Safety Golden Lion
5 Apr 2013
by Steve Stone Mullinax

I was told by my father B J Mullinax my ancestors were on the passenger list of the ships SAFETY and GOLDEN LION. He spoke of another but I can't recall the name. I have pictures of most of my line in the U.S.A except John & Sarah Mullinax and Hezekia. Thank You! for your help.

Response 1 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
Ancestry has a lot of passenger lists but we'd need names and approx. dates to check for your kin.

Post 3 John Mx, b. ca 1705
28 May 2013
by Michael Brandon Mullinax

According to my research I'm a direct line Molyneux, but not sure how accurate my research is.

Response 1 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
Hi Michael; There are many Molyneux (and variants) families. If you list some of your earliest known Molyneux ancestors we may be able to tell you which of the many families we've id'ed so far you belong to.

Response 2 Michael Brandon Mullennix
According to the Wikipedia The apparent progenitor of the line I derive from is John born circa 1705 to a believed Thomas.

Response 3 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
Ah, then you are an Elkridge Mx. See our Wiki on same at www.mx-world.org/Resources/Stories/Elkridge_Mxes/Elkridge1.aspx

Response 4 Michael Brandon Mullennix
According to many sources on Ancestry Thomas is listed as a son of Robert and a grandson of either John or John Henry no idea how accurate those findings are.

Post 4 The Huguenot Question & de Falaise Origins
1-2 Jun 2013
by Michael Brandon Mullinax

Any validation to the Molyneux or any variants being Huguenots?

Also any Validation to the Molyneux or any variants being Falaise or De Falaise originally?

Response 1 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
To answer your 1st question: This is a perennial issue, arising many times in my Ipswich, England/Branford, CT/Westchester, NY-based Line of Mxes and totally fallacious. There are indeed Mx Lines in N. America today descended from Huguenots. But they came here via Ireland & England. Marilyn Blanck, author of several definitive works on the families Mx--particularly the Delaware Line--contacted the Huguenot Society years ago and got a resounding negative to the question of direct migration from France.

In re your 2nd question: I too have seen the references to de Falaise. And my short answer is no.

Here’s a longer answer: As w/ so much of the more ancient claims, the evidence here is muddy and tends to be derivative.

According to MxWorld (our IMFA newsletter) Vol VIII, #1 (Aug 1993, pg. 12), Fulbert de Falaise & Doda Mac Kenneth were the paternal grandparents of one Baron Guillaume (aka William) de Moulins of Moulins-le-Marche, arrondisement of Mortagne, France, through their son Walter de Falaise and an unnamed wife. This info, which was derived from an unnamed newspaper article, entitled Falaise Rolls, follows:

“GUILLAUM DE MOULlNS, sire DE FALAISE. This personage was lord of Moulins-Ia-Marche, arrondissement. of Mortagne, and son of Walter de Falaise. who is considered to have been the brother of Arlette and therefore the uncle of the Conqueror. The duke rewarded him for his services by giving him in marriage Alberede. daughter and heiress of Guitmund. lord of Moulins-Ia-Marche, whom he repu­diated, after having had by her two sons, William and Robert. He then married Duda, daughter of Waleran de Meulent, by whom he had Simon and Hugh. In 1075 he was sent to the relief of Jean la Fleche.(1)

As William de Falaise he witnessed a charter by William de Briose and its confirmation by the Conqueror(2) and under the name held in 1086 (Domesday) the barony of Dartington, Devon. as well as twenty-nine lordships. The families thereafter of Molines and Falaise were spread in all parts of England. D’ Escures or Shore was a branch of this house. Alured de Falaise was of York. temp. king William I(3) and was the father of Alan de Escures or Falaise, to whom the estates of Escures belonged. temp. Henry I(4) who was the ancestor of William de Scures of York, II65.(5) Henry I gave to Baldwin de BoIlers the barony of Montgomery with the hand of Sybil de Falaise, his niece.(6) He was the son of Stephen de Boularia, who, in 1096, witnessed a charter of Manassas. bishop of Cambray, and joined in the first Crusade.(7) The barony of Boulers or Boulaia was one of the principal fiefs in Flanders.

Plan., II, 106. Le Prevost, Notes, Wau, II, 239. Oe., III. 281. Nor. Peo., 177, 238, 335, 398. Wau, Taylor, 215. Recll. Domesd., 140. Vide App. 24.

(1) Ord. Vit., II, 92
(2) Ibid., III, 328, ed. note; Mon., i, 541.
(3) Mon. Ebor., Burton, 340.
(4) M.S.A.N., VIII, 428; Rot. Pip., 31 Henry I.
(5) Lib. Nig.
(6) Dugdale.
(7) Opera Diplom., Miraei, I, 166.“

Another article, appearing in MxWorld Vol. III, # 2, (Nov 1988, pegs 4-5) states "Orderic outlines their history from the marriage of William (who assumed the name of des Moulins, de Molinis), son of William de Falaise, with Aubree, da. of Guitmund, castellan of Moulins under Duke William. By Aubree he had two sons, William and Robert; and by his second wife Duda, da. of Waleran de Meulan, two sons, Simon and Hugh. Documents confirm Orderic's statements as to the benefactions of William and Aubree to the Abbey of St. Evroul (1124-35) (Cal. of Docs. France, no. 629). John de Molyens above named has been said to descend from the said Robert de Molins and Agness his wife, da. of Robert de Grandmesnil, but heir of this Robert was his brother Simon, who conformed the charters of his ancestors, and d. s.p., as did his brother Hugh." (Sources cited for this quote are: The Complete Peerage by H.A. Doubleday & Lord Howard de Walden, Burnham Abbey deed cited by Dugdale, Baronage, vol. ii, Page 147, Hundred Rolls, vol. ii, p 439. Volume III Number 2 page 5.)

Parsing this out, it is the son of Guillaume and Aubree (aka Alberede), who assumes the Mx surname, presumably from his second wife, Duda de Meulan.

Please note: If this line of descent is true, then since the Mx surname was adopted from the maternal Line, Y-DNA confirmation of common descent of this Line to the Sefton Mxes, is impossible.

Response 2 Michael Brandon Mullennix
So may I ask what about any possibility they were originally De Falaise? And had the name changed because of being in Moulins, France (or however the region is spelled)?

Response 3 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
There may be some specialist scholars out there who can tell you for sure, but I can't. The surname certainly derives from living near mills. But I doubt that all Lines of Mx derived their names from one specific location in Normandy. So my answer? It depends on which Line is under the microscope. But it certainly looks as though at least one Line was originally known as de Falaise. This may well be (probably?) the same Line as the Sefton Mxes. It's a question that calls for a lot of expert research.

Post 5 Absolam Mx
2 Jun 2013
by Michael Brandon Mullinax

I have some of my earlier ancestral grandparents as Absolum Mullinax, Ammanuel Mullinax( not sure spelling on any of the original surnames), then Johnathon (who supposedly was an indentured servant , but prospered as a tobacco planter)

Response 1 IMFA (US332 Wayne Straight)
I've lost my insights into the Elkridge Mxes since I first posted that Wiki (there are way too many individual Lines for me to keep up-to-date on them all.) But a quick Google on ‘Absolom Mullinax’ tells me that you are definitely part of the Elkridge clan. A quick peak at IMFA's membership database reveals that we have had at least 40 members from that Line and of those at least 12 are current.

Mullenix, Mullanix, Mullinax, Mullinex and other misspellings

Post 1 Wikipedia Claims Sefton Mx Y-DNA is Haplogroup I2a2a.
21 May 2013
by UK188 Antony Molyneux Steele

Wikipedia, Earls of Sefton. Claim that the haplogroup for the Earls of Sefton is I2a2a! do they know something we don't??

Response 1 IMFA (US312 Steve Mullinax)
Well, if they do know something, they'd better cite a source! They need to supply some evidence and context for such a statement to be remotely credible. Is there an easy way on wikipedia to request a clarification and/or citation?

Response 2 Antony Molyneux Steele
Exactly what I was thinking Steve, I would love to know how they came to this conclusion. Although this is my Haplogroup as I believe that I2a2a is the new I2b1, I don't see where they have gained this information? It would confirm what I believe, but random statements don't really help!. I will try to contact them.

Response 3 Antony Molyneux Steele
Wikipedia also make this claim for the DNA on the Molyneux (surname) site as well, I don't know where they have gained this information though?

Post 2 William Molineux: Boston Tea Party
29 May 2013
by UK188 Antony Molyneux Steele

William Molineux, Forgotten Revolutionary
Over the next couple of days, following a pointer and a push from Boston 1775 reader Donald Campbell, I’m going to write about William Molineux. To which the standard American answer would be: Who? (see site for the remainder of this article)

Post 3 Lorn Elwood Mullenix, Ohio
8 Jun 2013
by Lorn Mullenix

At the end of the Mullenix line, here in Ohio. No sons to carry our family name into the future. My male siblings have no children. I have never met a relative with the Mullenix name, because my father (Lorn Elwood Mullenix) never knew his dad, and grew up in an orphanage in the Dayton area. He was later reunited with his mother (Mary) when she married Harold Beck. If anyone can help connect the dots, I would enjoy connecting with some Mullenix relatives.

Response 1 IMFA (US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman)
I may have found your father in the 1930 census.

Response 2 Tyree Conni
I researched a little for you. Lorn's father was Edward D Mullinix b 8 Sep 1898 Arcanum Darke Co OH d 2 July 1929 Dayton OH bur Dayton Memorial Cem. He was a WWI Vet (Army) and died of a tumor of the cerebellum in the Solidier Home which appears to be where the orphaned children went. He had 3 children. William Edward b abt 1923, Harold b abt 1924, and Lorn Elwood b 1929. Mother of children was Mary E Blazer. Mary had a sister Irene Gladness Blazer who married John S Gay. Widowed Mary lived with this sisters family in 1930 with your infant father. Irene had twin daugther's including Rose Viola Gay Chapman and her obit can be found on the Find A Grave web site with a contact email for the poster. Irene had a large family. You should be able to get in touch with them. You can send for Edward's military file which should contain much more information.

Response 3 Tyree Conni
Edward has some military info on Ancestry.com Co I 3 Infantry ONG (Co I 148 Infantry) to 30 June 1917; 19 Co 3 Motor Mechanic Regiment to 27 May 1918; 828 Aero Squadron (repair) to Discharge Corporal 25 Apr 1918; Private 1 Sept 1918. American Expeditionary Forces 9 July 1918 to 5 Sept 1919. Honorable =========== Edward lived with his siblings and widowed father (Henry) and grandfather (Solomon) in 1910 - here is the census record. 1910 31 College St WD 5 Dayton Montgomery Co OH
Solomon 65 OH NC MD m1 45yrs
Susie 61 PA PA PA m1 45yrs mo 2/2
Henry 43 OH OH PA widowed son, occupation-foreman street car co.
William L 17 OH OH OH grandson
Mary E 14 OH OH OH granddaughter
Edward D 12 OH OH OH grandson
Arthur C 22 IN OH IN roomer street car conductor
Death certificates for some of these people can be found on the LDS Family Search.org web page... search the Ohio death records. Ancestry.com should have more information on your lines if you wish to check on it... and the obituary I mention in the post above should give you the names of some living relatives you can contact. Best wishes!

Response 4 Lorn Mullenix
Tyree - this is more information than I have ever seen in one place about my family, and it all rings true! I guess I have a little more work to do, but you have certainly been a big help. Thank so very much.

Post 4 Otto B. Mullinax, Dallas, Texas
9 Jun 2013
by US312 Steve Mullinax

Anybody know anything about these Texas Mullinax's? “Otto B. Mullinax died in Dallas on March 14, 2000 after a lengthy illness. He was born Jun 28, 1912, in Clearwater, Franklin County, Texas to Essie Ruth Shelby and Claxton Napoleon Mullinax. When he became of school age, he moved with his family to Winnsboro, Wood County, Texas, where he completed grade school and high school before moving on to The University of Texas in Austin. There he graduated from Law School in 1937 and joined the law firm of Mandelland Combs in Houston...Returning to the states in 1946, he established a law office in Winnsboro, built a home and practiced law for one year. Then he moved to Dallas and set up a law firm which evolved into Mullinax, Wells, Morris & Mauzy and later to Mullinax, Wells, Baab & Cloutman in 1980.”

Response 1 Tammy Kemp
No, I am from the Missouri & Illinois Mullenix group. Putnam County.

Response 2 Charlene Liljedahl
My great-great grandfather, Amos Absolom Mullenix, was born in Coffee County, TN. Soon after the end of the Civil War, the family moved to Dallas, TX via Van Alstyne, TX. My great-grandfather, Ruford Austin Mullenix, was a fire captain with the Dallas Fire Department.

Response 3 Rick Mulanix
My family hales from Kirksville, MO. When I was looking into my family background, I found a Thomas L. Mulanix from Kirksville. The posting was from the mid 1800's. It seems that he and his wife had nine boys. After further research, I found that three of boys ended up spelling their last name Mullenix, three spelled it Mulanix and two, Mullinax. The last of the nine I could not run down. My father, Wallace Lee Mulanix was born in a small town outside Gyman, OK in the town of Hooker, OK. He was one of six children, three girls and three boys. He was the youngest of the boys and forth in line overall. All of the boys left OK. during the Dust Bowl era and settled in the central valley of California The girls all married and were scattered throughout the South. Sorry, no help on the Texas side of the family.

Response 4 Steve Mullinax
My grandparents, Wilburn and Callie Mullinax, moved from Cannon/DeKalb Co's, TN in 1908, settling first in New Mexico, later in Pampa, TX, near Amarillo. I don't know of any of his relatives who settled in East TX. I think there is a book by some E. TX Mullinax's.

Response 5 Tyree Conni
There is an earlier Otto Mulenix in Washington Co OH son of Thomas. I take a look at that family and see if I spot any possible connection.

Response 6 US368 Debbie Elam
There was an Otto that wrote a book on the Mx's. Is it the same guy?

Response 7 Steve Mullinax
Debbie, you are absolutely right! This is our Otto B. Mullinax, author of "Some Mullinax roots: South Carolina to Texas"! I really overlooked the obvious! On p. 197 of that book he gives his parents' histories: Claxton Napoleon Mullinax and Essie Ruth Shelby, of Franklin Co., TX! Thanks for the nudge! This Otto is a really interesting character: a lawyer for labor and civil rights causes in Dallas for several decades. After he retired, he wrote several books, including the family history above. "He retired at age 70 and began a long career of writing which included a novel "Sam Adams: Freedom Fighter" in 1991, "Gods, Prophets and Slaves", 1994 and "The Historical Jesus: A Socialist Revolutionary of the Common Table and Communal Code", 1996. (obit at http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/PILGRIM/2000-04/0956021093). There is also a collection of his papers at the U. of Texas: "A Guide to the Mullinax (Otto) Papers, 1935-1998" (http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/utcah/01037/cah-01037.html) RootsWeb: PILGRIM-L Otto Mullinax, grandson in law of Robert E. Lee Pilgrim dies. (archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com)

Molyneux Family Genealogy

Post 1 John Mx from Wolverhampton
14 Mar 2013
by Philip Molineux

My Grandad George and my Great Uncle Bill's father was John Molineux (1875 - 1925) who was a Boer War veteran and Policeman in Wolverhampton. He married Emma Jane Brighton (1882-1957). John also had brothers John?, George and William (obviously names passed down for a while) and sisters Eliza, Mary and Annie. Eliza married a John Swatman in Darlaston and there's a line followed down from there. Grandad's Grandad was George Molineux (1833 - 1893) also who was married to Elizabeth Madden (1835-1908) from Iron Acton in Gloucester and they lived in Graisley Lane, Wednesfield. George was a miner.

addenda: Turns out Elizabeth Madden is actually Mealing and spelt lots of different ways everywhere you look. thanks to Clive at www.egginton.net for info! See my info at philmolineux58 at ancestry.com

Hi having now got a marriage certificate m.1853 for George b.1833 and Elizabeth it seems she was a Mealing and George's father was noted as John Molineux (a soldier). Ringing any bells with anyone?

Post 2 Descendancy: John Mx & Esther Parkes
22 May 2013
by Gail Sutton

My Gx2 Grandmother was Elizabeth MOLINEUX She was bapt 17 Jan 1808 in Sedgley, parents John Molineux and Esther ??? Elizabeth married George PAGE on 22 Oct 1832 at St Martins, Tipton Can someone help discover who Esther was ?? Thanks

Response 1 Daniel Grandmaster-Ramrod Molineux
Esther Parkes born 1787. Meirridale.

Response 2 Gail Sutton
Wow, thanks..... do you have any more information, cos I have her death in 1818, aged 45yrs, so birth year would be 1773.... John has been hard to trace as well

Post 3 Descendancy: Jane Mx, Hawkley
23 May 2013
by Dennis Luchangco

1 Jane Molyneux (1512 - 1533) b: 1512 in Hawkley, Lancashire, England, d: Aft. 1533 in England
..... +Ralph Woodward (1508 - ) b: 1508 in Shevington, Lancashire, England, m: Bet. 1530-1532 in Shevington, Lancashire, England, d: England
........... 2 Hugh Woodward (1531 - 1634) b: 1531 in Shevington, Lancashire, England, d: Abt. 1634 in Standish, Lancashire, England
........... +Jane Hawett (1534 - 1605) b: 1534 in England, m: 29 Jan 1560 in Of All Saints, Standish, Lancashire, England, d: 21 Nov 1605 in Standish, Lancashire, England this from my tree chart

Post 4 Marriage Cert. George Mx & Elizabeth Mealing, 1853, Bilston, Wolverhampton
10 May 2013
by Philip Molineux

Molineux marriage cert George and Elizabeth (nee Mealing) from 1853, mean anything to any other Molineux's out there?…parish of Bilston in Wolverhampton