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Donnally Mx's
Donnally Mxes are part of the I2 alliance.

Of 15 known members, 7 are current & 3 are Mx males (US039a, US340 & US354), 2 other possible Donnally Mxes & Mx males are US291 & US303. Furthermore, US039a is one of 3 who have tested, in his case to Hg I (Kit #182940), & 2 others to Hg I2b1 (Kit #s 74452 & 124517—unfortunately, only a 12 marker test). The closest matches we've found are: a GD of 0 (“Very Tightly Related”) w/ the modal type and w/ both Pendleton & Spartanburg, a GD of 1 (“Tightly Related”) w/ Delaware & Founder, , a GD of 3 (“Related”) w/ Cheshire, a GD of 4 (“Probably Related”) w/ Thornton, & a GD of 5 (“Possibly Related”) w/ Wolverhampton.

Otto B. Mullinax, 1912-2000
A Progressive Texas Lawyer: “Tough as a Cactus.”
By Steve Mullinax, US312, August 27, 2013

Otto B. Mullinax was a long-time member of IMFA, and writing by or about him has appeared in several issues of Mx World . He is well-known as the author of Some Mullinax Roots: South Carolina to Texas, 1982. Otto was descended from John Mullinax (b. 1737, Camden, York, S. Carolina.) > View Story