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The Molyneux Mines Consolidated

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Contributed by: G, S, Molyneux   |   11 Aug 2017

Molyneux Mines Stock Certificate

The Molyneux Mines Consolidated, Limited formed in 1893 and re-formed in May 1895. Capital - £250,000 in £1 shares; 220,000 shares issued and fully paid up.

Directors: P. H. DuBois, L. Erlich, Carl Fehr, Dr. J. Keenan, H. Molyneux, F.W. Strakosh, and W. P. Taylor. The head office was located in Johannesburg, Transvaal. In addition there was a London Secretary and Office and Berlin Agents and office.

Capital - The Molyneux Mines, Limited, had a capital of £15,000, which was increased to £50,000 in July, 1894. In May 1895, the Company was reconstructed, in order to take in additional claims, and to obtain working capital.

The working capital so provided was £75,000 while in addition, about £10,000 in cash was received from the old Company, or £85,000 altogether. If the option is exercised, £45,000 more will be provided.

Property - 659 claims (including 60 under option) on the farm Botha's Kraal, Heidelberg district, Transvaal. 366 claims are held under claim licenses and bezitrecht, 161 morgen (233 claims)are held as freehold, and 41 morgen (60 deep level claims) are under option. This option is about to be exercised. Of the 161 morgen, 52 morgen are held under mynpacht rights.