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VIVRE by Molyneux

Paris   (Latitude: ,  Longitude: )
Contributed by: Wayne Straight US332   |   22 Aug 2017

"Les Parfums de Molyneux of Paris, have introduced a new creation in Vivre, a perfume of outstanding merit, which, as our illustration shows, is presented in a manner simple yet attractive. Vivre is available in four sizes. Other Molyneux products include Vogue, Le Numero Cinq, Fete and Le Chic de Molyneux. Full particulars of these and other Molyneux fines are obtainable from the sole sale-; agent and distributor for the United Kingdom. GE Davies, 58 Newman Street, Oxford Street, London."

VIVRE is a fresh white floral with a deep mosy woods drydown. Perfect blend of true class and hidden mystery. This feminine scent possesses a blend of subtle notes of aldehyde and high powdery floral notes like jasmine, rose and orange blossom with a rich combination of lower accents including sandalwood, tonka bean and oakmoss.