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Meet Mr. Mulliner

by P. G. Wodehouse   (Latitude: ,  Longitude: )
Contributed by: US297 Christina Mollineaux Witcher   |   21 Aug 2017

Meet Mr. Mulliner is a collection of short stories by P. G. Wodehouse. First published in the United Kingdom on 27 September 1927 by Herbert Jenkins, and in the United States on 2 March 1928 by Doubleday, Doran. It introduces the irrepressible pub raconteur Mr. Mulliner, who narrates all nine of the book's stories. The last story, "Honeysuckle Cottage", was not originally a Mr. Mulliner story; it was given a Mulliner frame for the book, and is the only one of the stories which is not explicitly narrated from the bar-parlour of the Anglers' Rest public house.