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Mullinix Road

Greenwood, Indiana 46143   (Latitude: 39.5832495,  Longitude: -86.2161241)
Contributed by: Wayne Straight US332   |   12 Jan 2017
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According to Wikipedia: “The first inhabitants of the area currently known as Greenwood were the Delaware Indians (Lenape). In 1818, the Treaty of St. Mary's opened central Indiana to European American settlement, and by 1823 the first cabin in northern Johnson County was erected by settlers John B. and Isaac Smock on land currently occupied by Greenwood Park Mall. Greenwood was first known as "Smocktown" or "Smock's Settlement" in honor of the Smock brothers, and became "Greenfield" in 1825. Since this clashed with another Greenfield located in Hancock County, the name of the settlement was changed to Greenwood. Some claim the town's name was in honor of Samuel Greenwood, who platted the community in 1872.”