VOLUME XXXV       MAY 2021       ISSN 1530-4132

VOLUME XXXV       MAY 2021

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Member Pedigrees - Have You Entered, or Updated, Yours?
US479 Mary Porter

The IMFA website contains a culmination of information that has been collected for over three decades. In researching your own Mx line, the individual member-entered pedigrees on IMFA website is a good place to search for other IMFA members with common ancestors, or ancestors from common locations.

If you have entered your Member Pedigree, thank you! Please take a moment to review your pedigree and make sure it is current and keep reading, you might discover something new.

Member Pedigrees

Member Pedigrees

IMFA members enter their own personal Mx pedigree listing known information about their Mx line ancestors. The pedigree is also a place IMFA members can share other information about themselves: DNA testing companies, GEDmatch kit numbers, online tree locations, brick wall ancestors, research focus, relationship to other IMFA members, etc.

IMFA member pedigrees are entered, updated, and searched utilizing the website Lines & DNA tab.

Pedigree Email Link

IMFA members who have elected to share their email with our membership will have a “Send Email” button at the top of their pedigree to launch a direct email to the member. When emailing another IMFA member, remember to identify yourself by name and IMFA member ID number. If your pedigree does not include an email link, please let us know so we can add one.

Pedigree Genealogy Report Link

Many of our IMFA members have used their research to create family trees using either online sites or desktop programs. The owner of such a tree can download the tree in the form of a GEDCOM file. A GEDCOM file is the common standard format for trees used in genealogical sites and programs. Instructions on how to download a GEDCOM file can usually be found by searching the online website or desktop program which contains the tree.

When IMFA members share a GEDCOM file with our IMFA webmaster, a Genealogy Report is created and attached to the member’s pedigree. A “View Genealogy Report” button will be shown at the top of their pedigree. These reports can contain much more detailed information than listed on the pedigree.

Ancestral Web Cards Link

Several years ago member-submitted GEDCOM files were used to create Family Cards as part of the Mx Ancestral Webcards collection. You will see a “View Family Cards” button at the top of a pedigree for those who participated. The Ancestral Web Cards can be located under the website Lines & DNA tab. Please, give them a look.

How to Search Pedigrees and Other Useful Searches

Pedigree Search

The Pedigree Search feature under Lines & DNA is used to search the member-entered pedigrees on the website to look for a name or location.

Examples of searches by name: first name such as “Peter”, or surname such as “Molineux”, or a Mx spouse’s surname such as “Donnally”, etc. This will search the IMFA member pedigrees for the name entered.

Examples of searches by location: “London”, “Pendleton”, “Victoria”, “Canada”, etc. This will search for any birth, death, or marriage listed in IMFA member pedigrees with the location entered.

Ancestor Search

The Ancestor Search feature under Lines & DNA has numerous blocks which can be searched independently. The individual data items listed here are currently input by the IMFA Administrators. Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) is used to establish MxLine when possible.

Ancestor Search is useful in searching for a member by IMFA Member ID number.

Pedigree and Ancestor Searches

The results of Pedigree Search and Ancestor Search will provide a list with IMFA Member ID numbers. Click the red “View” under the Pedigree column. If the red “View” is missing under the Pedigree column using Ancestor Search, that indicates the IMFA member has not entered a pedigree.

Other Searches

An IMFA Website Search looks for items matching the search on the various website pages and also searches the back issues of the MxWorld newsletter. The back issues of MxWorld date back to August 1986 and contain a treasure trove of information. A search for a location or ancestor of interest might reveal information shared on the website, or in MxWorld by another IMFA member. The IMFA Member ID number is generally cited along with the information which can then be used with Ancestor Search to find their pedigree.