VOLUME XXXV       MAY 2021       ISSN 1530-4132

VOLUME XXXV       MAY 2021

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News from the US and Canada
US101 Marie Mullenneix Spearman

Welcome to IMFA - New Worldwide Members
US479 Mary Porter usrep@mx-world.org

We would like to welcome our newest IMFA members. Please take a moment to read about them and see if you connect with them, or know someone who might. We ask that you reach out to them and extend a welcome!

UK230 David Francis Mcshane

David entered his IMFA Pedigree on our website. David has taken the Ancestry DNA test and hopes to connect with others from his Mx line. Dave on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/account/profile/0151179d-0002-0000-0000-000000000000?compareToTestId=35487A20-5CEE-4590-AD29-071BBB7AA12C

UK231 Patricia Kawar

We hope that Patricia will enter her IMFA Pedigree on our website and also let us know if she has an online tree and if she has DNA tested.

IRE231 Quentin Teggin

US512 Craig Mullenax

Craig has taken the Ancestry DNA test and his DNA matches place him in Founder’s line. We hope that Craig will enter his IMFA Pedigree on our website. Craig on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/account/profile/00c8f0b7-0002-0000-0000-000000000000?compareToTestId=35487A20-5CEE-4590-AD29-071BBB7AA12C

US512 Kenneth Blayne Mulanax

Blayne entered his IMFA Pedigree on our website and included his contact email link. His pedigree places him in the Pendleton line. Blayne expressed an interest in taking the Ancestry DNA test, so we look forward to hearing if he and other IMFA members share DNA. Blayne on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/account/profile/08417717-0006-0000-0000-000000000000?compareToTestId=35487A20-5CEE-4590-AD29-071BBB7AA12C

US513 Joseph Lindsey

US514 Susan Yoder

Susan has started her IMFA Pedigree on our website.

NZ011 Michael Rochford

MEMBER QUERY -US474 Mx’s of Market Drayton, Shropshire, England

US474, Brian Magee, brian.magee@arcadis.com, is seeking information about the Mx families of Market Drayton, Shropshire. He has documented his Mullineaux line as far as his 4th Great Grandfather. If others can assist in furthering the line, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are the facts so far.

1. Kathryn Virginia Mullineaux: 1898 Gallipolis, Ohio, USA – 1984 Oak Hill, Ohio, USA

2. Charles McCullough Mullineaux: 1859, Ohio, USA – 1924, Gallipolis Ohio, USA

3. James Mullineaux: 1806, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England – 1892, Gallipolis, Ohio, USA; James married 1st: Mariah Fowler in England; James married 2nd: Philena McKinnis in Hamden, Ohio

4. William T Mullineaux: 1781, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England – 1860, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England; William T. married Sarah Small in Market Drayton, Shropshire

5. Possibly: John Mullineaux: 1751-1796; John married Ann Ferrington in 1779 in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Any information regarding these Mx ancestors and the maternal lines would be greatly appreciated. Maternal lines include parents of Ann Ferrington (Timothy Ferrington and Anne Harper?), parents of Timothy Ferrington (Thomas Ferrington?), parents of Anne Harper (John Harper and Mary Rowley?), parents of Mary Rowley (Francis Rowley III and Mary Howle?), and parents of Francis Rowley III (Francis Rowley II and ?).

There are many Mx families listed in the Market Drayton 1840 Tithe Apportionment and 1841 Census. Seven Mx landowners of fourteen parcels of land were identified. William Molineux, my 3rd Great Grandfather owned six parcels and his son-in-law Edward Suker occupied one house and garden plot and one garden plot. The other plots were occupied by Mary Molineux, William Jones and Samuel Jervis. Other landowners included Ann, Elizabeth, Jane, Eleanor, John, and Benjamin Molineux. Presumably these people are all related, but I have no idea who they are, except that a Mary Molineux married Edward Suker. Other known children of William T. Mullineux (George, James, Sarah, Hannah, and William) are not listed.

The 1841 Census of Market Drayton also lists a number of Mx families. They include William Mullineaux, John Mullineux, Ellenor Mulliner, John Mullineux, William Mulliner (William T. Mullineux, my ancestor), Jane Mulliner, Ann Mulliner, Ann Mullineux, and Mary Mullineux. Among these, many are landowners or land occupiers listed in the Tithe Apportionment of 1840. Some, however, are not listed in the census, despite being listed in the Tithe Apportionment one year earlier. Elizabeth Mx owned two parcels and Ann Jones occupied one of them. Ann Jones was listed in the Census records, but Elizabeth Mx was not. Jane Mx owned a single parcel that was occupied by Sarah Bell, and Sarah Bell was listed in the census. Benjamin Mx owned a single parcel that was occupied by John Bates, but neither Benjamin Mx nor John Bates was listed in the census. Any information about these Market Drayton Mx families would help my family research!

* District 4: All that part of the Township of Little Drayton commencing in the Shropshire St. between the houses of Mr. Charles Warren & Mr. Spendelow called Longwood Lane as far as Mr. Read’s thence back to the Shropshire St. taking the street on both sides to the double gates as far as Mr. Joseph Taylor’s being the western extremity thence turning to the south to the town well taking all the houses on the left hand as far as Mr. Ridley’s down Heelings Lane to the street thence to the Red Bank Kiln Bank the Newtowne as far as James Dickens on the XXX Ladder thence up the hill taking all the XXX houses on the left hand that are in the Township of Little Drayton.

* District 5: All that part of the Township of Little Drayton commencing at the double gates taking the houses right and left on the west side of the Cross Road thence proceeding down the Great Road to the Toll Gate thence round the common thence towards the town-well taking the houses on both sides with the by lanes and alleys as far as Mr. James Poole’s then taking the right hand side of the town-well to the house of George Lewis Cheese monger.


In addition to the above query, here is a story about a Mx homestead in Market Drayton, Shropshire that you might find interesting.

House of William T. Mullineaux

In 2017, I made a trip to Shropshire to visit the archives and also to try to find the house that James Mullineaux lived in with his father William T. Mullineaux and his mother Sarah, born Small. My grandmother’s photo album contained a picture of the house, presumably taken in the 1800’s. Prior to the trip, I sent the photo to the Shropshire Family History Society and asked if anyone might recognize the house. This was, of course, an extreme long shot. When I arrived, a helpful volunteer said that the house was quite unusual in that the four windows were quite large, and the second-floor windows went all the way to the roof’s edge. They thought they had found the house at 166 Shrewsbury Road in Market Drayton. I immediately drove from Shrewsbury to Market Drayton to see the candidate house. Attached is the picture from my Grandmother’s album, marked “Home of Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Mullineaux, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England” followed by the picture I took of 166 Shrewsbury Road in Market Drayton in 2017. Obviously the house has been expanded since the mid-to late 1800’s when William T. Mullineaux and Sarah (Small) Mullineaux lived there.

The current owners were nice enough to talk with me a bit about the house, and they agreed that the old part of their house looked a lot like the Mullineaux house. The old front door had long ago been converted to a bay window, but the second floor windows reaching the roof line looked the same. I returned to Shrewsbury and spent the next day in the Shropshire Archives looking at old maps, the 1840 Tithe Apportionment records and the 1841 and 1851 Census records

The 1840 Tithe Apportionment shows a William Molineux owning six lots in Market Drayton. He lived on a large piece of property (1 acre, 1 rod, and 17 perches) at map location 683. The map location at 683 shows a house on a long narrow lot set back from the main road from Shrewsbury that turns into Shropshire Street. The 1841 Census shows a William and Sarah Mulliner living on the Great Road in Drayton Parva (Little Drayton, on the outskirts of Market Drayton). An 1843 map shows a Mr. Mullineux with a house set back from the main road from Shrewsbury on a long narrow lot. In 1851, William and Sarah Mullineux were living at Ternhill and Drayton Road in Market Drayton. In addition to William and Sarah Mullineux several other Mx families are listed in both the 1841 and 1851 Census records. All are listed as living on the Great Road in 1841 and Ternhill and Drayton Road in 1851. This main road that is now called Shrewsbury Road that enters Little Drayton and turns into Shropshire Street where it merges with Salisbury Road must have been given different names over the years. In addition, a 1963 map shows a house at 166 Shrewsbury Road at the same location. I am totally convinced that the house currently at 166 Shrewsbury Road in Market Drayton is the house where my 3rd Great Grandparents lived.