VOLUME XXXV       FEBRUARY 2021       ISSN 1530-4132


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Genetic Genealogy/DNA Project Update: DNA Testing
IMFA DNA Project Administrators US409 Julie Crawford & US479 Mary Porter

As an IMFA member you have probably done your share of family research and have an interest in the Mx history. Hopefully you have entered your Pedigree on the IMFA website, listed your earliest known ancestor (EKA), and submitted your GEDCOM file to the webmaster. webmaster@mx-world.org You may have even shared some of your research, stories, and/or pictures with our membership. For all the above, we thank you!

What is the way forward? DNA testing. If you have already taken a DNA test, please keep reading. There is a little something for everyone.

As with anything else, when choosing a DNA test, you hope to get the most for your money. DNA tests go on sale a number of times each year. But that is not the only consideration.

For male yDNA tests, FamilyTreeDNA is the way to go. FamilyTreeDNA hosts our Mx Surname project along with a great number of projects above and beyond surname related.

For autosomal DNA tests, one thing to consider is the portability of your test results. Can you download those DNA test results, and upload them to another testing company website?

FamilyTreeDNA allows for upload of autosomal DNA test results from major testing companies such as Ancestry and 23andme. MyHeritageDNA allows for upload of autosomal DNA test results from Ancestry, 23andme, FamilyTreeDNA, and others.

Considering the above, Ancestry or 23andme would be a good place to start for autosomal DNA testing. Then simply upload the results to FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritageDNA, expanding your cousin matches across multiple testing platforms for the price of one test!

But wait, there’s more! You can also upload your autosomal DNA to GEDmatch.com. It is a free website used by testers from the major testing companies such as FamilyTreeDNA, 23andme, Ancestry, MyHeritageDNA, etc. This really expands your DNA match list.

For research into family lines or to strengthen a paper trail, expand a family line beyond the paper trail, or discover a biological connection using DNA, some find Ancestry and GEDmatch to be the winning combination. You may have a different preference. It is worth mentioning that knowing the yDNA Haplogroup is a major bonus. Why drown in a sea of I Haplogroup research if the Mx line you are researching is in the R Haplogroup, or vice versa?

We would really like to know if you have taken a DNA test and if so, which one(s)?

Have you uploaded your DNA to GEDmatch? What’s your kit number?

Please let us know by emailing us at: dna@mx-world.org