VOLUME XXXV       AUGUST 2020       ISSN 1530-4132


President's Message

I am happy to introduce you to our new online MxWORLD format. Since 1986, this newsletter has been published in a format based on the printed page: a fixed number of pages containing plenty of text with a healthy sprinkling of photos and other images.

Now that our long-time editor, Betty Molyneux Brown has retired, we have some new possibilities to explore: articles with video, audio, hypertext links to other web sites, Facebook pages, etc. Curated DNA video from testing companies or posted publicly by other experts.

For example, this issue includes an article from our archives, from 1988, “The IMFA 1988 Sefton, Croxteth, Abbeystead, Teversal, Loseley, First UK Reunion”. Betty Brown (never daunted!) contributes the latest “News from the UK”. Julie Crawford has immersed herself in the study of genetic (DNA-based) genealogy, and has shared her new insights. We are beginning to understand how newer DNA testing capabilities, like autosomal, can integrate with Y-chromosome results and classical document-based genealogy.

Of course, how we move forward depends largely on you, our readers and contributors. What do you want to read/learn about? In what form? What do you have to contribute? What form(s) does it take? We need to see your contributions, be they old family stories or new family science!

Where will our imaginations take us? I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts about your interests, and especially, how you hope to share them with MxWORLD! Email the IMFA “core cadre” with your thoughts, core@mx-world.org.

Steve Mullinax US312