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Recognize Anyone? Descendants of Delaware Mx Line?

Help Identify this Family Photo

US457 David Ray Mullinax, is the grandson of Milton Monroe Mullinax (1903-1984). David just started researching his family tree this year, in particular, his great grandparents and their journey from Illinois to Texas. This is all based on an old family photograph (above) which his mother took from his late grandfather‘s farm house before it was demolished back in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s also, some notes left by his grandmother.

He learned about his gt. gt. grandfather William Mullinax (1839-1921) who was a soldier in the Union army during the Civil War, who later migrated to Texas. His people have lived in and around Cameron, Texas, going back 5 generations. David has recently discovered their graves at the Salem-Wilson Cemetery.

US457 David Ray Mullinax is decended from:

Grandfather: Milton Monroe Mullinax (1903-1984) and Maudie Novella Mullinax (1912-1991)

Gt. Grandfather: Joseph Estridge Mullinax (1869-1932) & Beulah Caroline Chambers (1877-1967)

Gt.Gt.Grandfather: William Mullinax (1839-1921) and Elizabeth Jane Thompson (1835-1920)

Gt.Gt.Gt.Grandfather: James Mullinax (1818-1878) and Nancy Elizabeth Oakley (1819-1921)

Gt.Gt.Gt.Gt.Grandfather: Levi Mullinax (1774-1819 and Nancy Brown (?)

So far, David has discovered that his descendants are of the Delaware Mullinixe’s line which is covered in Marilyn Mullinix Blanck’s book (pp. 48-50). He is interested in learning more of their journey from Delaware to Tennessee, then, of his gt.gt.grandfather William’s time in Illinois.

During researches he has been in contact with US332 Wayne Straight and US312 Steve Mullinax.

How You Can Help

We would like assistance in confirming details about this photo. When was it taken? Where? Do you have this or other photos containing the same individuals? Can you verify the identity of any of the individuals in the photo?

Email our research team ... mx457photo@mx-world.org